5 Creative Takes on the Moba Genre (Part 2/3)

5 Creative Takes on the Moba Genre (Part 2/3)

The moba genre is relatively new in the gaming industry, but that has not deterred developers from adding mechanics and aesthetics  that challenge and stretch the boundaries of genre. As you transform the core mechanic to accommodate new technologies, new ideas and in some ways experiment with the existing business model, it will initiate some fundamental shifts. So here’s taking a look at the top games that have changed the scope and the way we look at this genre.

5. SmashMuck Champions

Developer: KizStudios
Status: Open Beta

Official site Wiki Facebook smach 5 Creative Takes on the Moba Genre (Part 2/3) The game take place in the universe of Planet Muck, a faraway world filled with fun-loving kids, maniacal villains and messy muck monsters. Players join together as teams, customizing fighters and sending them into battle. Each match supports up to ten players, with up to four unique Game modes, (Plunder Ball (Capture the flag), Seige (Tower Defense), Conquest (Point Control Capture), and Destroyer (Resource Combat) . With fast-paced combat and ever faster re-spawns it is a game built for the more casual audience with easy to learn controls, as the same time offers many skills for players to master, including pushing champions off the map. Also you can jump to cut corners on the map as well as on your allies, cause why not. With no ingame shop all the customizations falls to the client with the game also featuring crafting with rewards for your game matches being crafting materials. Real money gets you boosts and costumes. Average game time is 10 min. You will like this game if you like non stop action in your moba.

4. Bloodline Champions

Developer : Stunlock Studios
Release Date : January 13, 2011

Official site Wiki Facebook

4h2bB 1024x575 5 Creative Takes on the Moba Genre (Part 2/3) Bloodline Champions offers a more straightforward approach to the game. With no leveling of characters and no equipment or loot it was sought as an more skill based fast action gameplay rather than an long marathon with different builds and resource farming, making for more faster passed matches with an appeal to those who never like the meta game. That meant doing away with chance, random elements, target locking and critical hits. Here player skill and team play is the most important factor to win. There are no minions or jungle camps just champion vs champion. The character roster limits at twenty two champions. For those looking for a change of pace or want to get an idea about the pvp aspect of greater moba’s this may offer a nice stepping stone or distraction. 

3. Awesomenauts

Developer : Ronimo Games
Release Date : May 1st, 2012
Platforms : PC, Xbox live, PSN

Official site Wiki Facebook Raelynn 07 1024x576 5 Creative Takes on the Moba Genre (Part 2/3) Awesomenauts is a 2D sidescrolling MOBA with platforming and tower defense combat. Combining both shooting and plat forming from 2d games with the action of a modern, fast-paced MOBA-game. With an advanced matchmaking mode that lets you to queue up for online matches without waiting in a  lobby. It also offers instant jump in game modes to make it more appealing for faster matches. It supports both online and offline coop play with easy drop in drop out support, with bots and humans being swapped where needed. With colorful designs in its multiple alien worlds and many unique champions which are unlocked with time, this offers the game some longevity.

2. AirMech

Developer: Carbon Games
Status: Open beta
Release date – Spring 2013

Official site Wiki Facebook 892111 487328634667168 620221476 o 1024x576 5 Creative Takes on the Moba Genre (Part 2/3)
You command a transforming mech that is capable of combat, which can be done either on the ground or taken to the sky. Also it varies up the RTS aspect (the roots of which led to the creation of the genre) to include aspect of management where you pick up units and transport them manually for strategic  placement to capture control points on the map resulting in a map dominance struggle. The is no single player game to be had here rather competition arises from having to manage the different aspects of unit production, tower capture and battles. This is a moba that is more oriented towards the strategy aspect than standered variants but let that not fool you, the game is beyond fast paced with action at every hill, bunker and plain in the various playing fields. The items are all sidegrades and the prospect of earning new mech’s to try out is the main reason for the lure of the game.

1. Forge

Official site Wiki Facebook

Forge Gameplay00 1024x640 5 Creative Takes on the Moba Genre (Part 2/3)

Forge may not be what Is seen as a MOBA, and it’s also not free but I want to mention it here as it has a similar appeal and audience. It is a lobby-based PvP combat game with various classes similar to those found in mmo rpg’s (think of it as an pvp arena game from any mmo rpg). Avaliable for $20 (Rs 1200) on Steam. The game has hugely competitve workplan ahed so balance will be the top priority. There are many features that haven’t been implemented, but like any great online game it’s a great foundation with a lot of promise and potential.

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