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Tomb Raider Creator Talks About Why Video Games Are Good For Your Brain and Society


Ian Livingstone’s name is not an unheard one within the games community. He has been directly involved with the industry even before most of us were born. Co-founder of tabletop game manufacturer Games Workshop, co-founder of Eidos Interactive, the positions he has held are overwhelming. Just check out his Wikipedia page and you’ll find out. If you can refresh your memory, ... Read More »

The Ugly Truth


One of game industry’s oft-ignored truths that gets conveniently shifted into shadows — is the cozy relationship between the publisher, distributor and the reviewer. It exists perhaps in all mediums — films or music but in a field where first reviews out of the embargo matter from a popularity standpoint, this problem only gets exacerbated in games. The Developer Angle ... Read More »

Rayman Legends Review


Buy Rayman Legends There are fewer tried-and-tested genres in games like platformers, which are at once the simplest to design but also among the hardest to perfect and innovate. They are also gaming at its very basic — generally revolving around a fixed set of actions which only varies with how the player interacts with the world around them with ... Read More »

Game4u opens up 10th store in Thane (Mumbai)


Video games retailer Game4u has opened up a new retail outlet at Viviana Mall, Thane. This is the first time a games retailer has set up shop in Thane, thus filling the void of catering to the growing sub-urban area. This Game4u store will also cater to customers in Mulund and Bhandup. Being the 10th store in Game4u’s expanding infrastructure, ... Read More »

Little Inferno – Review


Little Inferno Developer: Tomorrow Corporation Publisher: Tomorrow Corporation Platform : iOS, PC (reviewed), Wii U, OS X, Linux Genre : Puzzle Video games industry has matured a lot and games are no longer seen as entertainment for kids but rather as an Visual and interactive entertainment media. There are many examples like Dear ester and The path which focus on the exploration aspect of the ... Read More »

Sonic Lost World debut trailer

Sonic The Lost Worlds

Sonic Lost World, the upcoming game in the superfast Sonic series has come out with its first trailer. The game takes you through different worlds and pitch you against the colourful deadly six, while dodging various obstacles in extremely accelerated conditions. Sonic Lost World will launch in the second half of 2013 and will be exclusive to Nintendo 3DS and ... Read More »

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