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Shin Megami Tensei I (iOS) Review


Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) may be on the precipice of being among Japan’s most popular franchises largely due to the popularity of its spin-off Persona titles. A customary glance can tell why Persona is the more popular among the SMT titles. It inherits quite a bit of the main series’ dark roots but infuses with appealing anime tropes and accessible ... Read More »

Cutscenes versus Narrative

Beyond: Two Souls - Training Sequence

Video Games, since inception, have been driven by a single simple formula – immersion through believable narrative. Narrative forms have changed over the years, as developers and designers felt the need to break from the mainstream, and create a narrative that will successfully engage the gamer as well as build up his interest for what is to come. Gameplay mechanics ... Read More »

3D movie Kochadaiiyaan release to be accompanied with two mobile games


Highly anticipated upcoming Tollywood movie, Kochadaiiyaan, which stars the legendary Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone and Jackie Shroff, is an iconic movie, being India’s first 3D motion capture computer-animated movie. Just like any other Rajinikanth movie, Kochadaiiyaan has been subject to massive promotion campaigns. As part of the campaigns, Gameshastra and Vroovy have developed two games to accompany the movie’s release, ‘Kochadaiiyaan the Legend: Kingdom Run’, a ... Read More »

This Angry Birds teaser trailer looks just like Dark Souls

Angry Birds Dark Souls

So Angry Birds is that franchise where cute cartoony birds are thrown to break some really complicated structures, right? No, not really, not this time to say the least. Rovio just released this new teaser trailer: All that it states in description of the video is “Perhaps the most Epic soft launch ever, Starting in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. ... Read More »

Year Walk (PC) Review


Platform(s): iOS, PC (reviewed) Developer: Simogo Price: $5.99 As a duo who have made a habit of defying expectations, Simogo have come far since their early days of endless runners that smartly used the touch-controls of mobile devices. Nominated for a few IGF awards and having scored consecutive App Store hits, they have finally graduated onto a traditional platform by releasing ... Read More »

Indian Dev Rolocule Games nominated for prestigious Edison Award

Rolomotion Motion Tennis

Pune-based studio Rolocule Games has been nominated for its Rolomotion motion-control gaming technology for the Edison Award in the Electronic & Computers Entertainment category, MCV India reports. Rolomotion is a technology that enables motion-controlled gaming on iOS through Apple TV and iPhone/iPod Touch. Motion Tennis was first game to use this technology, and was massively successful, being featured on the iOS ... Read More »

Apple breaks sales records of iPhone and iPad in Q1 2014


This is mental. No, really, it is. Apple just announced that they sold 51 million (5.1 crore) iPhones and 26 million (2.6 crore) iPads worldwide from October to December 2013. Add both of them and you get a solid 8 crore figure. That number is more than the population of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata combined. Ka-ching! Such high ... Read More »

Sholay 3D re-release accompanied by Sholay: Bullets of Justice mobile and Facebook game

Sholay Bullets of Justice

India’s most celebrated Bollywood movie, Sholay (1975) has released today on the much awaited 3D format across the country and worldwide. The making of Sholay 3D required a massive team of 350 people, cost Rs. 25 crore (US $3.8 million) and took an astounding time period of 3 years. Accompanying Sholay 3D, publisher Hungama Digital Entertainment and developer Gameshastra Solutions ... Read More »

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