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Review: LEGO The Hobbit


  Title: LEGO The Hobbit Developer: Traveller’s Tales Publisher: Warner Bros Platform(s): Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS From the moment you step into the mysterious and vibrant world of LEGO Middle Earth, you know for a fact that this journey into J.R.R. Tolkien’s imaginations will be one of the most unique renditions that you will ... Read More »

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review

I hadn’t heard of this series until Atlus announced they were localising it for the West. Conception II is a game where you play as God’s Gift and have to “classmate” with female disciples to give birth to Star Children who help you fight monsters. Conception II takes place in Aterra. Developed by Spike Chunsoft, who brought us the amazing ... Read More »

SteamWorld Dig Review

SteamWorld Dig Review

Title: SteamWorld Dig Genre: Platformer, Adventure Developer: Image & Form Platform(s): Windows, Linux, OSX, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita (reviewed), PS4 I have heard and read a lot about SteamWorld Dig, but it only truly managed to get my attention was when it launched on the PlayStation Vita, just a couple of days back. From the name, SteamWorld Dig sounds like just another platformer ... Read More »

Sonic Lost World debut trailer

Sonic The Lost Worlds

Sonic Lost World, the upcoming game in the superfast Sonic series has come out with its first trailer. The game takes you through different worlds and pitch you against the colourful deadly six, while dodging various obstacles in extremely accelerated conditions. Sonic Lost World will launch in the second half of 2013 and will be exclusive to Nintendo 3DS and ... Read More »

7 Reasons Why Touch Gaming Might Be More Than Just A Fad


The gaming scene is changing (evolving?). No more is it limited to gamepads and keyboard-mouse configurations. Touch-based games, hate it or love it, is now a big part of gaming, maybe even bigger than your orthodox forms of gaming (consoles, PC). Call it ‘casual’ gaming if you’re a PC/Console nazi, but you’ll have to agree, touch based games are serious ... Read More »

Marvel LEGO Super Heroes announced

Marvel LEGO Super Heroes

After the success of LEGO Batman 2:DC Super Heroes and Lord of the Rings in 2012, another superhero game from LEGO obviously made sense. With DC already being covered, it was not hard to zero in on which super heroes LEGO will cover next, and the answer is your favourite globe saving Marvel characters, featuring in the LEGO series for ... Read More »

Nintendo Direct Brings a Wave of Optimism

Back on the Great Sea again!

  With WiiU, Nintendo had a particularly disappointing launch especially by their launch standards. WiiU may not have had a lot of trouble selling in the weeks following its November launch, but following a disappointing launch line-up comprising mainly of ports of year-old multi-platform games, die-hard Nintendo fans had been looking for a herald of optimism — some good news ... Read More »

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