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Universal Apps – A step in the right direction


It’s been a fairly long time since Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 made their debut, but they have yet to capture a decent marketshare. This is not because of the Operating System (OS) being bad or lack of devices, rather the slow adoption rate is caused by the ‘app gap’. This tag has plagued the mobile and tablet Windows ... Read More »

Dadi vs Jellies Review

DvJ cover

Developer: Tiny Mogul Games Website: Price: Free (Optional Microtransactions) Download Link: Google Play If reading that title made you think this is a Plants vs Zombies clone, you would be quite mistaken. Dadi Vs Jellies (DvJ) is a shoot-em-up with elements of tower defence. You play as a rather stylishly dressed Dadi who wields some powerful home-made weapons and ... Read More »

Angry Birds Transformers Revealed

Angry Birds, the popular mobile game has a new installment and this time it will be featuring the Transformers. During Comic Con 2014, Rovio Entertainment revealed that they will be releasing a brand new Angry Birds game in conjunction with Hasbro gaming. Angry Birds Transformers, which is the tenth installment in the Angry Birds franchise, will be featuring a battle ... Read More »

Mystic Marbles: Quick Look

Mystic Marbles Title

Developer: Jyri Kilpeläinen Website: Price : Free Download Link:   Windows Phone    Google Play     ios App Store Games can be very complicated and even the most simple games gain in the learning curve with enough time, My mother always felt uncomfortable with this until I found a solution. Mystic Marbles is a blitz style match-3 game with “drag’n drop” ... Read More »

iLL at UniverCell Intel Tablet Gaming Championship launch


Intel India along with UniverCell, a chain of Mobile retail stores, have launched the Univercell Tablet Gaming Championship powered by Intel on July 10, 2014. The championship will be held in all the 25 participating UniverCell SYNC outlets in Mumbai and Bengaluru. It will kick off on July 14 and will be held for the next two weeks. The championship ... Read More »

Mind Zero (PS Vita) review

Mind Zero PS Vita

Title: Mind Zero (or Mind = 0) Developer: Acquire, ZeroDiv Publisher: Aksys Games Platform(s): PlayStation Vita Genre: RPG Mind Zero by Acquire and ZeroDiv has received a lot of flack well before launch in English speaking territories for apparently being a poor Persona clone and having a horrible ending. Most people criticizing have not played it and are only going by what they read online. ... Read More »

Hues: Review


It is very rare to see a developer releasing their game first on or exclusive to Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry 10. It’s not that the developer does not want it, this is rather due to the limited marketshare of both platforms. No developer wants to limit the profit potential of their game by releasing it on two of the ... Read More »

Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection (PS Vita) Review

hyperdimension_neptunia _pp5

Title: Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection Developer: Felistella Publisher: NIS Genre: RPG, Idol simulator Platform(s): PlayStation Vita When I got Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection (henceforth PP) for review I had no idea what to expect. Didn’t think I would really like the game after watching the trailer but I really enjoyed it after spending a few minutes with it.  Hyperdimension Neptunia PP is a spinoff idol ... Read More »

Pako: The Most Addictive Windows Phone Game


Recently Windows Phone users have been getting some great exclusive games like Vala: Alpha, Salvage, Halo Spartan Assault to name a few. Now we have a new game to join this small club of exclusives. Developed by Tree Men Games, Pako breaks the rules of traditional parking games. Your main objective in the game is to escape the cops and ... Read More »

Managing your Backlog: A Guide

game_collection copy

Games. So many of them get made every year that if one were to play them all, one would not have enough time to do so. There are a few happy souls that are satisfied with playing the same game every year, but on the other end of the spectrum, there are collectors who stock up on every game that ... Read More »

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