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3 Reasons for hating EA’s NFS: No Limits

NFS: no limits Some limitations applied

 Need For Speed: No Limits had a limited launch just recently and the result wasn’t good as EA wanted it to be. Here we take a look at how EA is milking a loved franchise into a cash cow. 1. Players are charged to fill up the fuel tank. Yes, take a few seconds to sink that in. If at ... Read More »

Splash Damage (iOS) Review

Splash Damage HashStash Studios

Title: Splash Damage Developer: HashStash Studios Platform(s): iPhone, iPad Genre: Arcade, platforming  Released: 25 January, 2015 Splash Damage, on the outset, is a simple game. It is easy to pick up, works like a charm, is fast paced and is kind of mindless in the action it provides. But deep down, it is evident the amount of work put in by the developers, India based ... Read More »

Gamehack 2015: An Indie Game development competition in India


Reliance Games who are an International developer and publisher of mobile games brings to India an opportunity through Gamehack for for Indie developers and students to compete in a Pan India indie game development competition. What is Gamehack? A great way to see the developing and upcoming titles in Mobile gaming. Game Hack is an all inclusive event which will allow developers to pitch ... Read More »

Piercing the Hype: Hitman Go Review

Piercing the Hype: Hitman Go Review

Developer: Square Enix Montreal Publisher: Square Enix Genre: Puzzle Platforms: Android (Reviewed), iOS Price: ₹300 Agent 47 is on a mission to infiltrate your smartphones and make a successful hit on your wallet. For that purpose, Square Enix Montreal has released Hitman Go, a puzzle game based on the Hitman franchise powered by the Unity engine. Hitman Go is a ... Read More »

My Friend Spooner is an adventure like no other

My Friend Spooner is an adventure like no other

Platform: Windows Phone Developer: Monkube Genre: Platformer Price: Free (₹ 160 for full game) Have you ever thought what would it be like to experience a comic book in the form of a game. If yes, then My Friend Spooner is exactly what you are looking for. It is a game which tries to tell a tale through the combined efforts of two ... Read More »

Why I think Rovio is back

Why I think Rovio is back

The launch of smartphones and the rise of mobile gaming during 2007-09 brought a whole new opportunity for game developers. During the initial years, developers struggled to develop a proper control scheme for mobile phones and they continued to mimic virtual gamepads for most of the games, the poor control scheme was one of the major reasons which kept the gamers ... Read More »

Bang Bang Monsters Review

BB Monsters 4

Release Date: 1 November 2014 Platform: Windows Phone (Reviewed), Android, iOS(coming soon) Developer: Nervous Frog Genre: Arcade/Action Shooter/Tower Defence Price: Free to play Developing over an existing idea is never an easy job as most of the time, developers end up creating a re-skinned version of the inspiration game, but at times some developers manage to craft a whole new ... Read More »

iLL at NGDC 2014

iLL at NGDC 2014

The 2014 edition of the Nasscom Game Developers Conference or NGDC 2014 took place at the Westin in Pune this year from the 13th to the 15th of November. Compared to NGDC 2013, there were a lot more stalls this year as well as a substantial increase in the number of participants. The conference took place over 3 days this ... Read More »

Review: Happy New Year The Game

Happy New Year The Game - I

Game: Happy New Year The Game Developer & Publisher: Vroovy, Hungama Entertainment Price: Free Platforms: iOS, Android, Facebook After testing peoples’ patience with a poor performance in the movie, Farah Khan and her crew is back to disappoint you further. The sole purpose of existence of Happy New Year The Game can be boiled down to one thing and that is ... Read More »

Square Me is a Simple Yet Addictive Game


Another game on Windows Phone worth checking out Exploring and trying to find out new games on the Windows Store is my favorite past time. This practice has now become more frequent since developers have started to dedicate more time and resources to Windows Store. Recently Square Me was one of those games which caught my attention. The high ratings and ... Read More »

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