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Legend of Grimrock 2: Review

Legend of Grimrock 2 review

Title: Legend of Grimrock 2 Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG Developer and Publisher: Almost Human Games Release Date: 15 Oct, 2014 Platform(s): PC(reviewed) Price: $23.99 (PC) Intro Legend of Grimrock 2 is a tile-based dungeon crawler, wherein the developers aim to mix old school exploration and combat with modern progress and mechanics.You play as a group of four prisoners that have ... Read More »

iLL at Intel Tech Tour 2014

iLL at Intel Tech Tour 2014

Intel Tech Tour 2014 Intel India organised the 2014 edition of the Intel Tech Tour in Mumbai on October 13, 2014. Intel had a lot of products on display ranging from tiny 7″ tablets and 4″ phones to 15″ 2-in-1s and mini PCs. They had set up two 4k TVs for demonstration. Thaine Creitz, Intel’s director for technical sales and ... Read More »

Alien: Isolation Review

Alien: Isolation Review

Title: Alien: Isolation Developer: Creative Assembly Publisher: SEGA Genre: Survival Horror Platform(s): PC, PS3, PS4(reviewed), Xbox 360, Xbox One Price:₹999(PC), ₹2999(PS3, X360), ₹3499(PS4, XB1) ‘A true son of the classic Survival Horror that ruled the 80’s-90’s’     There’s something about Aliens and Predators, note that I’ve used ‘and’ and not a ‘versus’. When I saw Alien, the Ridley Scott original ... Read More »

Sherlock Holmes – Crimes & Punishments Review

SSherlock Holmes - Crimes & Punishments Review

Title: Sherlock Holmes – Crimes & Punishments Developer: Frogwares Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Genre: Adventure Platform(s): PC (reviewed), PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Price: PC ($39.99), PS3 (₹2799), PS4(₹3499) [PS3 and PS4 versions are being distributed in India by Origin Marketing. Other versions may need to be imported or bought digitally] The detective from Baker Street, London has aged well with the times. ... Read More »

Corsair Carbide Spec-02 and Spec-03 Review

Corsair has been making some brilliant high end PC cabinets and it now seeks to capture the budget gamer market with its Carbide Spec series. Following our review of the Spec-01, here is our review of the Spec-02 and Spec-03. Specifications The Spec-02 and Spec-03 are identical internally with the front panel layout being the only differentiating factor. It is ... Read More »

The iLLvestigation: The curious case of Maxwell Prices

The iLLvestigation: The curious case of Maxwell Prices

On Friday, September 19, 2014, NVIDIA formally launched their newest Maxwell GPUs, namely the GTX 970 and its more powerful sibling, the GTX 980. iLL Gaming was lucky enough to get a review sample of the GTX 980 and we were informed by NVIDIA India that the MSRP for the GTX 980 and the GTX 970 will be ₹46,000 and ... Read More »

Football Manager 2015 Release Date Announced

Football Manager 2015

Football Manager 2015 will be released on the 7th of November, 2014, as announced by publisher SEGA along with developer Sports Interactive. The game will feature a huge number of improvements and enhancements over Football Manager 2014, a game we really liked. A beta of the game is due this month, which you can play if you’ve pre-ordered the game. ... Read More »

Minimum Review


Release Date: September 10, 2014 Platform: PC Developer: Human Head Studios Publisher: Atari, Cubed Productions LLC Genre: Multiplayer Third Person Shooter Price:  $9.99(Steam) Third Person Shooter. Multiplayer. Crafting. Co-op. Titan mode. Fun. That’s how a minimal review of Minimum would read like. If that’s to your liking, skip ahead to the What’s ill and What’s not of Minimum, but you’ll find that ... Read More »

Kingston SSDNow UV100 60GB SSD Review

Kingston SSDNow UV100 60GB SSD Review

So Kingston sent us an SSD in the mail. We’ve never reviewed SSDs, but considering how they offer a significant bump in the OS and gaming experience, we accepted the product with smiling faces, and here we have for you, our first ever SSD review! SSD stands for Solid State Drive. They work on a completely different mechanism than your ... Read More »

Flockers – Review

Flockers - Review

Title: Flockers Release Date: September 19, 2014 Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (reviewed) Developer: Team17 Publisher: Team17 Genre: Strategy Puzzle Price:  $19.99(Steam), ₹2199(PlayStation 4, XBox One) ‘Holy Sheep!’  First and foremost, the plural of sheep is… sheep, which says a lot about the game I am looking at currently. From the creator of Worms series, Team 17, here’s presenting a return to the lush pasture of ... Read More »

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