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Studio visit: taking a trip to the awesome Tiny Mogul Studios


The first thing you notice when you visit Tiny Mogul’s official website is “Tiny Mogul Games – a small studio with big ambitions.” I really dig this simple, yet effective and charming one liner. After a few emails/phone calls exchanged between me and a rep at Tiny Mogul, we successfully set up a visit hour, when I can check the ... Read More »

Introducing India’s craziest frog – Baka

Toonheart Baka

Everyone’s running dry with a huge appetite system these days, so why blame a poor frog who wants to break the cycle, spin the Darwinian concept and smack on some human food?! From the land that buys a thousand games a year comes this one-of-a-kind game that will make you ‘jump and leap with joy’. Baka is a relentlessly puzzling ... Read More »

Ubisoft discusses next-gen, Snowdrop engine and Tom Clancy’s The Division

An accident, from Tom Clancy's The Division

Ubisoft recently released an amazing tech-demo and screenshots of Tom Clancy’s The Division. The game has the best graphics we’ve ever seen. Along with the tech-demo, they also released a couple of Q&As detailing their take on next-gen consoles and gaming and the capabilities of the Snowdrop engine. What do you think about the next-gen consoles? Do you really think ... Read More »

The Genius of Simogo: An Interview with Marcus “Gordon” Gardeback


Mobile gaming as a legitimate form of gaming has been questioned many times by the self-proclaimed “hardcore” gamers from PC and console and while its popular examples,  Angry Birds and Temple Run may explain the traditionalist gamers’ prejudice, the mobile platform is a hotspot for experimentation and innovative concepts as well. There’s no finer example of those two attributes than the ... Read More »

“We would love to make an Indian IP” says Square Enix boss in an exclusive interview with iLLGaming

wada featured

Square Enix has transformed considerably over the past years. Originally a very Japanese focused company (as SquareSoft), Square Enix has revamped its image to an internationally relevant developer/publisher. Much of the company’s current status has to do with the efforts of Yoichi Wada, the Chairman of Square Enix. Wada is in India to inaugurate the fifth Nasscom Game Developers Conference ... Read More »

Indie Spotlight: “Fran Bow” — Developer Interview & Demo Impressions


Killmondaygames’ Natalia and Isak make a fitting couple. Their love for storytelling brought them together, initially as film-makers until their frustrations with what they described as “the elite superiors who suppress your creativity” and they chose to abandon the film career in favour of another medium, one that is more familiar to all of us — games. Their first major ... Read More »

iLLGaming interviews Ian Livingstone on What To Expect From Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider PR team were generous enough to ask us to interview the one and only Ian Livingstone (Twitter: @ian_livingstone) personally, during his trip to India. Now ‘leveled up’ to a Commander of the British Empire, co-founder of tabletop game manufacturer Games Workshop, co-founder of Eidos Interactive, now Life-President, talks to iLL Gaming about what to expect from the ... Read More »

Interview with India’s Boy Genius: Shivam Sai Gupta

Shivam Sai Gupta IllGaming had the opportunity to sit and talk with India’s gaming whiz kid, Shivam Sai Gupta. This guy started creating games at the tender age of 11. Now he is all grown up at 17 and making his country proud on a global stage. But, life was always not so giving to this kid, he had to ... Read More »

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