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Preview: Windows Phone timed exclusive Salvage

Salvage Windows Phone Preview

Salvage is a timed exclusive for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform developed by the guys behind Guitar Hero and DJ series. Salvage combines the task of overcoming obstacles, collecting coins and shooting enemies with the backdrop being the music score. The background music will lead the way you play the game, and that turns out to be the most fun things about Salvage. You ... Read More »

“Indian Mario” by All India Bhakchod Video

AIB Indian Mario

So now that the elections are over and the results are out, we’re better off without all the related internet memes and  jokes, lets get back to gaming gear shall we, sigh. The folks at All India Bhakchod (AIB) have been dishing videos related to humour on Indian culture, which have been extremely popular. Their YouTube channel has about 4.5 ... Read More »

Xbox One Is Now Just A Good Ol’ Gaming Console

Xbox One black logo

On May 13, 2014 Microsoft surprised the whole world by releasing a video “Delivering More Choices For Fans.” In the video, they said that they will be launching a Kinect-less SKU for Xbox One which is going to be cheaper by $100. This was an unexpected move, because whenever Microsoft was asked about the sales gap with the PS4, they ... Read More »

6 Pictures to get you excited for E3 2014

e3 2014

Two of the biggest fiestas in the world are hurling, coming right at us in under just a month now! Of course I’m hell excited for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and ‘being excited’ is a mere understatement to what E3 2014 means to me. The 2013 E3 saw the grand showdown of two of the leading giants going ... Read More »

Great Games on Windows Phone – Part Three

windows phone 8 games

Hello again. We have been playing a sleuth of Windows Phone games, and this is Part Three of the Great Games on Windows Phone series. If incase you missed them, here are the links to Part 1 and 2. Part I Part II 1. Spectral Souls Ever thought of large scaled Japanese RPG on WindowsPhone? If you have, good for you! If you haven’t, ... Read More »

Will Microsoft Offer Windows As A Service


Have you ever imagined using Windows as a subscription-based service? Maybe, as lead to us from Microsoft’s latest job listing. Microsoft has its own cloud platform known as Azure which many organisations and developers are using for different purposes. A new job listing has revealed that Microsoft is developing a new product in which they will offer Windows as a Service. ... Read More »

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