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Forza Horizon 2 Announced


Microsoft has finally revealed the much awaited Forza Horizon 2, earlier there have been numerous rumours and reports about the game but today it is official. The sequel to the award winning 2012 arcade racer Forza Horizon will be coming this fall. No official release date has been announced. The good news is that game will be available for both ... Read More »

New Mortal Kombat game called Mortal Kombat X announced


Mortal Kombat X is very much real. Ed Boom, the Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios officially announced the game on Twitter. The name of the game is "Mortal Kombat X" — Ed Boon (@noobde) June 2, 2014 A trailer has just been released, teasing the next Mortal Kombat. VG247 reports, that Amazon also had listings of the game, which it ... Read More »

Bollywood Film Copies Watch Dogs


I think it is fair to call the Bollywood of today a B-grade version of Hollywood. Everything in Hollywood movies is simply recycled into Bollywood movies. The once great Indian Movie Industry is suffering from a massive lack-of-originality, which is on an upward trend, with movies being nothing but cheap rip-offs of their Western counterparts. Sure, some movies are great, but ... Read More »

The iLL Trio Review – Watch Dogs


The iLL Trio Review is a series where we have three of iLLGaming’s editors review a game together across different platforms, in a conversation format. Each reviewer gives a review score, the final review score is an aggregate of the three scores. It’s all over. Everyone’s reviewed Watch Dogs. The verdict is out. Everyone’s got their hits organically, via N4G, ... Read More »

Preview: Windows Phone timed exclusive Salvage

Salvage Windows Phone Preview

Salvage is a timed exclusive for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform developed by the guys behind Guitar Hero and DJ series. Salvage combines the task of overcoming obstacles, collecting coins and shooting enemies with the backdrop being the music score. The background music will lead the way you play the game, and that turns out to be the most fun things about Salvage. You ... Read More »

Wolfenstein: The New Order review


Title: Wolfenstein: The New Order Developer: MachineGames Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Platform(s): Windows, PS3, PS4 (reviewed), Xbox 360, Xbox One Genre: First-person shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order is what happens when a classic first person shooter franchise is left in the capable hands of a developer known for some of the better modern day efforts in the genre such as the Riddick ... Read More »

FTL: Advanced Edition Review and iPad Port Report


Title: FTL (Faster than Light) Advanced Edition Developer: Subset Games Publisher: Subset Games Genre(s): Top down strategy, roguelike Platform(s): Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS Ever since I saw the trailer of FTL and a few videos of people playing it, I knew the game was made for touch devices (whether intentionally or not). After FTL was finally available on Steam, even doing the tutorial made ... Read More »

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