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Top 11 Jaw Dropping Trailers from E3 and Gamescom

e3 gamescom trailers

With the end of E3 and last night’s epic battle of the game titles/consoles in Gamescom 2013, I’m totally left in awe. Of the next-gen and of the titles that showcased themselves on these two platforms and in the time between. I’m totally flipped with the successive onslaught of insane theatrical trailers and gameplay footages. Without wasting a single minute, ... Read More »

PES 2014 preview: 40 minutes of footballing bliss

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 4.37.06 PM

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (previously Winning Eleven) series has had its fair share of highs and lows. Lauded for its intricate handling of the basics of football, like passing, dribbling, ball physics, one can argue that the success of the PES franchise as it stands today is an understatement to the quality the franchise offers football fans. PES is no longer ... Read More »

Xbox One’s Biggest Reversal: Whose winning now?


What seemed like an epic win for Sony Computer Entertainment on June 10th, at E3 2013 seems to have reached a new tide. Microsoft is back with a bang, with a policy that allows it to retain the hardcore Xbox fans (who were dubious about their console’s fate) and imbibe some more for the upcoming generation of games and consoles. ... Read More »

The Last of Us Multiplayer Review


  The Last Of Us was that very game that I was looking forward to, in this console expiring year. My love for Uncharted and its cinematic experience always told me that this was the game that could perhaps bid a righteous goodbye to the Playstation 3. As always, count Naughty Dog to create magic out of nowhere. With this ... Read More »

Greeks vs Romans


So what are you more exited about? The movie or the game ? The movie 300 popularized the medieval combat with a very stylized action sequence and since then there have been a very few games and series that have been able to capture the same tone and meaty combat. With the recent announcement at the xbox event for an ... Read More »

New IPs at E3: The Crew Hands-on Preview

The Crew

We witnessed the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in detail this E3. There are many differences between the two, more than we could have ever expected. Yet their remains a tab bit of similarities between the two, and that is, both the consoles have had their fair share of racing games this E3. In the midst of established racing titles ... Read More »

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay Detailed


The long running Assassin’s Creed franchise, one could argue, has been reaching a point of stagnation. After all, there is only so far you can go with mere above-average games. But that is not the opinion of Ubisoft. “If they’re buying them, we’ll keep making them” is the policy Ubisoft has adopted with their biggest ever brainchild. When Assassin’s Creed ... Read More »

E3: Watch Dogs Gameplay and Multiplayer Impressions


Ubisoft bedazzled onlookers with its Watch Dogs trailer shown first time during E3 2012. A brand new IP, Watch Dogs is a take on the wired world we live in, where everything we do is monitored,  and our actions controlled without us realizing it. Privacy is thing of the past. And Watch Dogs is a parody to exactly this, it ... Read More »

E3: Thief 4 Gameplay Impressions and Thoughts


Thief is one game I’m really looking forward too. I thoroughly enjoyed the original Thief, and this is one of those games I was most excited about at the E3 convention. Taking a trip to the Square Enix booth, I’m taken on a gameplay walkthrough by the Lead Level Designer of Thief (2014), Daniel Windfeld-Schmidt. Mind you, the upcoming Thief ... Read More »

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