BioWare Founders to Get Lifetime Achievement Awards

Ray Muzyka Greg Zeschuk BioWare Founders to Get Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Doctors left behind a massive legacy

Despite announcing their retirement from video-games industry and resigning from their brain-child BioWare after more than 15 years of hard-work and success, Dr.Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, most popularly known as the “Doctors” by BioWare fans will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Game Developers’ Choice Awards (GDCA).

Muzyka and Zeschuk had first met in University of Alberta but they decided to go for another career in game development and founded BioWare under whose vision, the company has gone on to create legendary classics like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins.

Often considered to be one of the most revered developers during the height of the Computer-RPGs in early 2000, BioWare successfully transitioned onto consoles with Knights of the Old Republic and then went on from one success to another with the best-selling and critically acclaimed new IPs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins. Throughout their tenure, the Doctors have seen BioWare through some controversial times, be it the fans’ reaction to their console shift or the bashing the highly divisive Dragon Age II got or the controversial “Retake” movement for Mass Effect 3’s ending.

Regardless, the Doctors have created a massive legacy in the form of BioWare and no matter where the company may go in the future or how their 15-year plus reign on BioWare may have come to an end, few could argue over their influence on video-gaming in general let alone role-playing games.




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