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I live every morning. I die every night. An advertiser who has forever been bruised and seduced by video games. If you are likely to shoot me down, I'd probably dribble past you or jump into covert with a leap of faith. Start?

Dark Souls 2 – Review


“As I was passing through the dark and creepy forests in Things Betwixt, the prologue map in Dark Souls, I was expecting a lot more action, remembering how I escaped the dungeon a year ago, evading the clutches of the menacing Asylum Demon. This wasn’t behaving like the b**ch that Dark Souls is. As I head out straight through the ... Read More »

Cutscenes versus Narrative

Beyond: Two Souls - Training Sequence

Video Games, since inception, have been driven by a single simple formula – immersion through believable narrative. Narrative forms have changed over the years, as developers and designers felt the need to break from the mainstream, and create a narrative that will successfully engage the gamer as well as build up his interest for what is to come. Gameplay mechanics ... Read More »

THIEF Review


Title: Thief Developer: Eidos Montreal Publisher: Square Enix Platform: PC, PS3 (reviewed), PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One In the year 1999, when I was mashing buttons while trying my hands at Sonic or Super Mario Bros, a debutant title appeared out of nowhere and blew my mind away; changing my perspective towards gaming and level designing to a great lot. That title was developer ... Read More »

The Last Of Us: Left Behind Review


(Spoiler Alert: Contains plots from The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us: Left Behind) I’m not a fan of DLCs, because in my strangest opinion a DLC means that you need to spend an extra chunk of your money for a game that you’ve already bought in all glory. With the digital age seeping into nearly everything, DLCs ... Read More »

DARK SOULS II: Prepare to Dump Your Girlfriend Edition


There is one thing common in death and bad relationships, you learn to respect while you breathe. You learn not to repeat the same mistakes, you adapt to allow patience, and you wait for your turn to come to strike. And while there are other titles, ahem, other girls luring with an easy way in, you know that Dark Souls ... Read More »

Gran Turismo 6 review

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.13.58 PM

There are street racing games and there is Gran Turismo. Ever since the Playstation debut, Gran Turismo tried to stay within the boundaries of strategic racing, courting a hundred of decisions for you to make. This was never about the thrills; this was about how you built your car for the Drive Day. Although GT5 did its best to carry ... Read More »

Magic Temple (Android) Review

Magic Temple Android

Developer: Tiny Mogul Games Platform: Android Price: Freemium Google Play Store Download Link Tiny Mogul Games are a bunch of creative geniuses based out of the Indian city of Bangalore, bringing you the magic at its very best. Debuting with Song Quest, a game testing you within the borders of Bollywood, Tiny Mogul has come a long way. Their second creation, Shiva: ... Read More »

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