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I live every morning. I die every night. An advertiser who has forever been bruised and seduced by video games. If you are likely to shoot me down, I'd probably dribble past you or jump into covert with a leap of faith. Start?

The Future of Souls – Lords of the Fallen vs Bloodborne


You may have faced the worst of Boletaria, you may have become one with the lores of Lordran, you must have travelled north on one rainy night and took down the whole of Drangleic, but it isn’t over yet for the Souls miasma. In fact, the two most anticipated games that fall right into my review wish list are Deck13/CI ... Read More »

Destiny BETA on PS3: First Impressions


After hours of download, I finally got to preview the upcoming Bungie game-changer Destiny for 16 non-stop rigorous hours on my old gen console (PS3), and by all standards I have a mixed bag feeling about this title. It is clearly the golden age of co-op play and the game does its bit in order to excite the BETA players ... Read More »

Dark Souls: Prepare to Live Your Life Edition


There are numerous ways in which you can fail in life, try yelling back at your landlord, try fisting the wall in anger, try falling in love, or try playing Dark Souls. Each of these experiences leave a certain sensation certainly in your mind, an experience that polishes the way you are and makes way for the person you are ... Read More »

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Murdered soul suspect - Title

Title: Murdered: Soul Suspect Developer: Airtight Game Publisher: Square Enix Platform(s): PS3 (reviewed), PS4, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One Genre: Action-adventure, Stealth First things first, I had a great run running back and forth in Dark Souls, I finally got to kill the Great Grey Wolf Sif and contested Dragonslayer Ornstien and Executioner Smough in the most brutal fashion imaginable. Losing pace with the ... Read More »

Why Brazil must win this clash against Germany

Neymar's out, but not Brazil

There’s no denial that after the Belgians were thrashed out of the World Cup due to a hardworking Argentine defence, which capitalised on that one single mistake that was punished by Gonzalo Higuain, my hopes for an All Latin American Derby Final just went a pitch higher. And why not? The whole world deprived of a Semi Finals spot is ... Read More »

Dark Souls Diaries: Glory to Anor Londo


Here’s one more of those conversations exchanged between Tathagata (T) and Sahil (S), the ones that define the depths of fanboyism within the iLLGaming Panel, ranging from Far Cry to the obvious pick – Dark Souls. Skipping back a few months: T: So I finally beat the Witch Nashandra and took over the throne of Vendrick as the next undead ... Read More »

Why The Evil Within will become my first PS4 title?


“Well, where a bad thing happened. That was in Room 217, and I want you to promise me you won’t go in there, Danny. Not all winter. Steer right clear.” ― Stephen King, The Shining I like the idea of being trapped, I love lurking shadows spectating my moves even more. I like the idea of being haunted, even in video games. When ... Read More »

Portable Gaming Console – Mitashi GameIn Thunderbolt 2 Review


Specifications Screen: 5 inches (12.7 cm) CPU: Dual Core 1 Ghz Storage: 8 GB in-built Motion Sensors: Built in accelerometer, Gravity Sensor OS: Android Jelly Bean Camera: Single Price: INR 7990/- With so much being talked about the state of next gen and the imminent future of video gaming, what a lot of experts miss out on is the huge ... Read More »

EA Sports FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Review


The stage is set, the clock’s ticking in, heartbeats have started skipping, it is time for the world to drench up in the biggest competitive sport on the planet – The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. But hold on, there are 20 odd days to go, what are you doing about it? I’d say pick up EA Sports’ FIFA ... Read More »

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