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Bollywood Film Copies Watch Dogs


I think it is fair to call the Bollywood of today a B-grade version of Hollywood. Everything in Hollywood movies is simply recycled into Bollywood movies. The once great Indian Movie Industry is suffering from a massive lack-of-originality, which is on an upward trend, with movies being nothing but cheap rip-offs of their Western counterparts. Sure, some movies are great, but ... Read More »

BenQ Launches XL-Z Series 27″ & 24″ 144Hz Gaming Monitors

BenQ XL24 20Z

BenQ has officially launched its latest series of pro-gaming monitors, the XL-Z series in India. The monitors were unveiled at the Xtreme Gaming eSports Stadium in New Delhi on the 21st of May. The XL-Z series is the refresh of the already popular XL series, BenQ’s previous flagship gaming monitors. The XL series has been synonymous with gamers in the pro-circuit, ... Read More »

Xbox One controller coming to PCs “very soon”


It was great when Microsoft released the Xbox 360 controller for Windows. Till date, there are seldom any controllers available for the PC that can match the performance of the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Barring a design flaw, the controller worked great with all supported games and was the most comfortable, suitable for long gaming sessions. Microsoft hinted at ... Read More »

Red Dead Redemption PC version might be a true thing

Red Dead Redepmtion 2

After months and months of speculation that led to nowhere, we finally have something that proves that Red Dead Redemption’s PC version might be a true thing. NeoGAF user Lazaro posted a thread on the website, citing Windows Compatibility website’s listing of Red Dead Redemption. The website shows applications that have been submitted to Windows, to be certified compatible if ... Read More »

Trials Frontier (iOS, Android) Review

Trials Frontier Review

Trials Frontier Developer: RedLynx Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Platform, racing Platform(s): iOS (reviewed), Android Price: Free-to-play Ubisoft just released the follow up to the excellent Trials Evolution, called Trials Fusion for the PC and consoles. Accompanying the release of Fusion, Ubisoft has released its mobile counterpart, Trials Frontier. We loved Trials Fusion, but do we share the same impressions for Frontier? Trials Frontier brings itself as a free-to-play racing game, where ... Read More »

Bose Companion 5 Computer Speakers review


The Bose Companion 5 is a 2.1 speaker system meant to be connected to your computer. Marketed as having ‘TrueSpace” surround digital processing and digital 5.1 audio playback with just two satellite speakers, the Companion 5 is Bose’s highlighting computer speaker system, a notch ahead of the Bose Companion 20 and Bose Music Monitors. The Companion 5s are different from ... Read More »

Trials Fusion Review


Trials Fusion Developer: RedLynx Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Platform, Racing Platform(s): PC (reviewed), PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One There is something about Trials Fusion that will make throw your controller (or keyboard) and tightly clench your fingers. And you’ll be doing that more than once. That doesn’t mean that Trials Fusion is a bad game. It’s actually pretty damn good. But the challenges it poses, ... Read More »

Mass Effect 4 Coming Spring 2015

I know many people wanted to finish Mass Effect 2 just to watch this scene :p reportedly spoke to an ‘inside source’ at Bioware, who wishes to stay anonymous, that Mass Effect 4 is not only in development, but has also been given a release window of spring next year (2015). Gabe Carey, reporter at B-TEN states that the anonymous source told him to “get to playing the Mass Effect trilogy before next spring…” This ... Read More »

Dark Souls 2 PC Delayed in India

A full moon at The Lost Bastille isn’t quite your perfect start

The Dark Souls 2 PC version’s official release date is 25 April, which is today, but the game is still listed as being “Not in stock” and on “Preorder” on online retail websites such as Flipkart and Amazon India. Both websites previously had mentioned that the game would be available during the last week of April. Amazon India now states ... Read More »

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