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2013: iLL Gaming Awards – The Game of the Year


Our iLL Team Picks were all in contention for it, but there can be only one definitive Game of the Year (GotY) 2013. It is a game which we feel is the highlight of the year, it’s best creative entertainment product. Our final GotY nominees were Saints Row IV, Rayman Legends, The Last Of Us, DOTA 2 and The Stanley ... Read More »

2013: iLL Gaming Awards – Platform Specific Awards


As we come to the end of another great year in Gaming, it’s time for us to bask in the memories of all the highs and lows we went through in the course of the year. Our team has gathered with weapons drawn to fight over which games get the coveted awards. Ok, maybe it’s more of a general debate ... Read More »

2013: iLL Gaming Awards – Editors’ Picks


While the iLLest Awards are interesting in their own right, each of our Editors has their own take on what should be crowned the Game of the Year. Their justifications Follow. Chirantan Raut – Saints Row IV Saints Row IV is a very special game for me this year simply because of the story of how it came to be. ... Read More »

2013: iLL Gaming Awards – The iLLest Awards


The Platform Specific Awards picked the best game for each platform and now it’s the turn of the iLLest Awards. These are awards for the great and the not-so-great since they include the iLLest Multiplayer Game, the iLLest Indie Game, The iLLest Original Soundtrack, the iLLest Character and the not-so-iLL Disappointment of the Year 2013. iLLest Multiplayer Game of 2013 ... Read More »

Grand Theft Auto V: The iLL Trio Review

GTA V iLL Trio Review

Buy GTA 5 There are video games and there are video games go beyond the confines of the screens they inhabit. GTA V is the latter. Which would be a perfectly plausible explanation for the tardiness of our review. That and the fact that we’ve spending way too much time playing it to actually pen our thoughts down. Yes, you ... Read More »

The iLL Trio Review: BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite - Set to be a one of the biggest releases of 2012.

Every once in awhile comes a game that’s so hyped that we can’t help but have more than one of iLL Gaming’s finest comment on the subject. This is one of those moments. And the game in question is BioShock Infinite. Fitting then, that rather than write a completely by the numbers review, that we’ve decided to turn the formula ... Read More »

7 Reasons Why Touch Gaming Might Be More Than Just A Fad


The gaming scene is changing (evolving?). No more is it limited to gamepads and keyboard-mouse configurations. Touch-based games, hate it or love it, is now a big part of gaming, maybe even bigger than your orthodox forms of gaming (consoles, PC). Call it ‘casual’ gaming if you’re a PC/Console nazi, but you’ll have to agree, touch based games are serious ... Read More »

EXTRA BAGGAGE: Downloads of the Week: February 1-7

Extra Baggage

In this new feature, we highlight the weekly picks from the week of February 1-7 of deals, free-to-play indie gems, hot new mobile releases and creative byproducts from the modding community of a popular game. You need not scour the Internet for all that because Extra Baggage is your one-stop shop for all the must-haves in the world of Internet ... Read More »

ill-Termission: 7 Ways Square-Enix Can Redeem Themselves

Pretty much the tired look of fans waiting for Versus XIII (minus the sword)

There are few companies in the video game industry who have fallen from grace in their fans’ eyes as much as Square Enix have. In a mere decade, they have gone from the company that had legions of faithful fans to the company who have legions of disillusioned fans. Square Enix have become living examples of what is wrong with ... Read More »

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