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a chameleon having abnormally high number of interests--a dreamer(and thus a thinker), a hobbyist writer,gamer,music hipster and occasionally funnier than your average smartass

Shin Megami Tensei I (iOS) Review


Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) may be on the precipice of being among Japan’s most popular franchises largely due to the popularity of its spin-off Persona titles. A customary glance can tell why Persona is the more popular among the SMT titles. It inherits quite a bit of the main series’ dark roots but infuses with appealing anime tropes and accessible ... Read More »

Year Walk (PC) Review


Platform(s): iOS, PC (reviewed) Developer: Simogo Price: $5.99 As a duo who have made a habit of defying expectations, Simogo have come far since their early days of endless runners that smartly used the touch-controls of mobile devices. Nominated for a few IGF awards and having scored consecutive App Store hits, they have finally graduated onto a traditional platform by releasing ... Read More »

The Genius of Simogo: An Interview with Marcus “Gordon” Gardeback


Mobile gaming as a legitimate form of gaming has been questioned many times by the self-proclaimed “hardcore” gamers from PC and console and while its popular examples,  Angry Birds and Temple Run may explain the traditionalist gamers’ prejudice, the mobile platform is a hotspot for experimentation and innovative concepts as well. There’s no finer example of those two attributes than the ... Read More »

The Problem with Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V may have broken all kinds of records in the Guinness World Records but a game of its notoriety is bound to rankle certain groups’ sensibilities and annoy them. Which is how most gamers tend to see the self-righteous “cultural criticism” directed by the so-called “feminists” towards GTA V right from when the moment the first details about ... Read More »

The Ugly Truth


One of game industry’s oft-ignored truths that gets conveniently shifted into shadows — is the cozy relationship between the publisher, distributor and the reviewer. It exists perhaps in all mediums — films or music but in a field where first reviews out of the embargo matter from a popularity standpoint, this problem only gets exacerbated in games. The Developer Angle ... Read More »

Rayman Legends Review


Buy Rayman Legends There are fewer tried-and-tested genres in games like platformers, which are at once the simplest to design but also among the hardest to perfect and innovate. They are also gaming at its very basic — generally revolving around a fixed set of actions which only varies with how the player interacts with the world around them with ... Read More »

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review

The 60s setting is aesthetically rich but is grossly underused by the story

Games, much like films or music albums, aren’t simply products of the effort of its creators over a couple of years. They are also products of the trials and tribulations the teams had to go through while making it. Just like a kid with troubled childhood will grow into a troubled adult without proper guidance, a troubled creation process is ... Read More »

Indie Spotlight: “Fran Bow” — Developer Interview & Demo Impressions


Killmondaygames’ Natalia and Isak make a fitting couple. Their love for storytelling brought them together, initially as film-makers until their frustrations with what they described as “the elite superiors who suppress your creativity” and they chose to abandon the film career in favour of another medium, one that is more familiar to all of us — games. Their first major ... Read More »

Pushing the Limits

HL2 - Episode 2

There was a point during the Hong Kong section of the original Deus Ex when I came across a rare moment of brilliance I hadn’t experienced before in a game. In the apartment where I was supposed to break-in and investigate without detection, I had been discovered. With nowhere to hide, I made a go for the window. Jumping through ... Read More »

Forcing Innovation Down Our Throats


Microsoft has never been a company which could outrightly claim they were the harbingers of innovation. Whether it was with DOS or Windows 98 or any other glorious achievement in the company’s three decade long history, they were more or less the company which made the best use of opportunity available to them at that given point to become who ... Read More »

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