Preview: Windows Phone timed exclusive Salvage

Preview: Windows Phone timed exclusive Salvage

Salvage is a timed exclusive for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform developed by the guys behind Guitar Hero and DJ series. Salvage combines the task of overcoming obstacles, collecting coins and shooting enemies with the backdrop being the music score. The background music will lead the way you play the game, and that turns out to be the most fun things about Salvage.

You begin with a brief tutorial where the game introduces its straightforward mechanics. Your objective is pretty simple, avoid the obstacles, shoot the enemies by tapping, synchronised with the background score. Every time you hit, you get a marker that says ‘early’, ‘perfect’ or ‘late’ signifying your timing. Hitting the right enemies with the right timing starts a multiplier, which increases with successive hits.

salvage 03 Preview: Windows Phone timed exclusive Salvage

The game comes with three different levels, Colony, Highway and Outworld. Only Colony will be available to play when you start the game fresh. You will need to collect in-game currency to unlock the other two levels. The diversity in the game majorly comes from two things, the different music tracks and the difficulty level. There are 3 music tracks available from Noisia, Zomboy and SKisM. You can buy more music tracks by paying real money. Talking about the difficulty, one needs to earn atleast three medals to unlock the next difficulty level.

Besides unlocking more levels, Salvage allows you to upgrade your ship. You can improve your ship’s stability, handling, or buy power ups etc, your typical free-to-play dosage.

salvage 02 Preview: Windows Phone timed exclusive Salvage

All the iOS and Android users will have to wait till Q3 2014 for Salvage, till then Windows users enjoy the game


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