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Goat Simulator Review


Title: Goat Simulator Developer and Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios Platform(s): PC (reviewed) Genre: Simulation Price: $10 (Steam) Goat Simulator. Naming this game as GO(A)TY certainly wouldn’t be amiss. What started off as a joke for a game jam, ended up being the Must-Have PC Exclusive, thanks to the feverish demands of gamers that loved the two joke videos that comprised the game’s ... Read More »

Great Games on Windows Phone – Part Three

windows phone 8 games

Hello again. We have been playing a sleuth of Windows Phone games, and this is Part Three of the Great Games on Windows Phone series. If incase you missed them, here are the links to Part 1 and 2. Part I Part II 1. Spectral Souls Ever thought of large scaled Japanese RPG on WindowsPhone? If you have, good for you! If you haven’t, ... Read More »

Microsoft Reduces Xbox 360 250GB Price to Rs 21,990


Microsoft Xbox India announced that today (29 April, 2014) onwards they have reduced the price of the Xbox 360 250GB to Rs 21,990, down by Rs 3,000 from Rs. 24,990. The 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle has also got a price cut, which now stands at Rs 31,990, down from Rs 34,890. On the contrary, the PlayStation 3 500GB model ... Read More »

Game4u Wins ‘Gaming e-Retailer of the Year’ Award


You’ve seen us sharing a bunch of Game4u related posts, regarding their offers, midnight launches, pre-order bonuses etc. In a country where online retailing is on a rise, Game4u, India’s premier games retail arm run by Milestone Interactive Group has won the ‘Gaming e-Retailer of the Year’ award at the Indian Retail Awards 2014. Held in Gurgaon on April 25, ... Read More »

Nvidia Launches Battlebox Gaming Rigs


PC gaming rocks. It offers a level of versatility and customisability that consoles don’t even come close to, not to mention the VAST library of games. PC games also look much better, and perform much better than their console counterparts. However, building a PC from scratch might put some gamers off. To solve this, Nvidia and a bunch of partners ... Read More »

REVIEW: Don Bradman Cricket 14

Don Bradman Cricket 14

Title: Don Bradman Cricket 14 Publisher: Tru Blu Entertainment Developer: Big Ant Studios Genre: Cricket/Sports Platform(s): PlayStation 3 (reviewed), Xbox 360, PC (June 2014) Price: Rs. 3,999 (PS3, Xbox 360) During the day I’m your regular Rishi. Dealing with an expanding waistline, annoying pet cats (or am I their pet? Can’t tell…) and yearning from escape from this dreadfull spell ... Read More »

Mass Effect 4 Coming Spring 2015

I know many people wanted to finish Mass Effect 2 just to watch this scene :p reportedly spoke to an ‘inside source’ at Bioware, who wishes to stay anonymous, that Mass Effect 4 is not only in development, but has also been given a release window of spring next year (2015). Gabe Carey, reporter at B-TEN states that the anonymous source told him to “get to playing the Mass Effect trilogy before next spring…” This ... Read More »

Dark Souls 2 PC Delayed in India

A full moon at The Lost Bastille isn’t quite your perfect start

The Dark Souls 2 PC version’s official release date is 25 April, which is today, but the game is still listed as being “Not in stock” and on “Preorder” on online retail websites such as Flipkart and Amazon India. Both websites previously had mentioned that the game would be available during the last week of April. Amazon India now states ... Read More »

Cricket: Predict Each Ball During a Live Match And Win Prizes with Matchup Cricket

Zootr Sports, a Bangalore based IT company has recently launched a browser based predictor game called Matchup Cricket. The game can be accessed via the game’s official website, and is fully responsive, which means you can access it via your mobile phone or tablet browser, apart from your laptop/desktop computer. Matchup Cricket works in a simple way, select a live match ... Read More »

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