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Why Titanfall PC Install Takes Up 50GB of Space

Titanfall PC 50gb

Now that Titanfall has started hitting shelves, PC gamers have been venting their feelings about why the game takes up 50 gigabytes of space on your hard disk drive. On the contrary, the Xbox One install takes up roughly 17GB. There’s a reason for that, and that is, well, audio, as explained by Respawn to Eurogamer. The PC install of Titanfall consists ... Read More »

Titanfall struggling to hit 60 FPS on Xbox One, looks outdated

titanfall 60fps

The recent revelation of Titanfall running at 792p on the Xbox One was a biggie. This is clearly no where close to the ‘next-generation’ gaming we were hoping from the Xbox One. Another bomb has been dropped and this one’s about how crap Titanfall looks and plays on the console. Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann noted a couple of framerate drops ... Read More »

Titanfall officially runs at 792p on Xbox One


Titanfall Beta, which was released to the public last month, ran at 792p on the Xbox One, and we said to ourselves “its cool, the final version’s gonna be better,” and we moved on. We were hopeful because Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe claimed that final build of the game would run at at a native resolution of 900p. Was it ... Read More »

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