The best cosplay from New Delhi Comic Con 2014

New Delhi Comic-Con 2014 is over, but the amazing cosplay that we saw there will be stamped in our brains for good. Who would have ever thought! Here is the very BEST of the cosplay we saw on the floor of the biggest ever Comic-Con in the country, yet. They’re pretty awesome, so knock yourself out!


The Mario brothers are here to save the day!


No Comic Con is a Comic Con without a Joker cosplayer. And this one’s waiting to fix your cable television.


Joker No. 2 at the New Delhi Comic Con. There were like 5 more Joker cosplayers.


Mask of Zorro minus Catherine Zeta Jones, taking nothing away from the Z man.


The kid from The Grudge, while keeping the clothing to a minimum was arguably one of the best cosplayers at the New Delhi Comic Con 2014.


You knew you’d see a lot of of characters from Batman. Here’s Deathstroke, who was lately seen in Batman: Arkham Origins.


Two-Face and an accompanying zombie


The Minions from Despicable Me seem to be having a jolly time.


A good find, here’s the Slender Man from the excellent indie game, Slender: The Eight Pages


And you thought you’d leave without any Hogwarts action? Here’s Bellatrix Lestrang and Mad Eye Moody


iLLGaming Editor Sidharth takes a breather with the Super Kudi.


Poison Ivy packing a sexy punch.


“Are you ready kids?”, “Aye Aye captain!” reply in tandem, all of Jack Sparrow’s minions as he recruits pirates for his upcoming expedition. You want in?


Old School Iron Man sporting a dusky look and ‘fists’ of rage.


Batman is so popular we’re not surprised if 50% of the images on this list belong to the Batman world. Here’s Bane.


Scarecrow, a villain in the Batman comic books. Duh!


The most pleasant find. We were looking for Indian comic book heroes and sadly we could spot only one, the legendary Chacha Chaudhary.


A more toned version of Deathstroke No. 1. We dig is baton.


Two Face Number 2.


Three-Face Number 2. See what I did there?


I like to change my previous statement to “No Comic Con is a Comic Con without V.”


Another Deathstroke. And we were wondering why there were some people reported missing from the Comic Con grounds in New Delhi.


A bunch of zombies surrounding a commoner who I think is more fascinated than scared with the idea of being ‘infected’


Is this is same Snowwhite costume worn by a cosplayer during last year’s Comic Con? Whatsay?


Squall from Final Fantasy VIII looks bored. Maybe he’s missing Rinoa.


Wait a minute, Rinoa’s right here! So is Quistis. Final Fantasy VIII#nostalgia


This guy looks like a genuine meat man and I couldn’t relate him to any character but a few came to mind: Pudje from Dota 2 and the Butchers in Dark Souls

 Wondering why Daft Punk picked Delhi as 'the city to get lucky.'

Wondering why Daft Punk picked Delhi as ‘the city to get lucky.’

IMG_0010_2 IMG_0027_2 IMG_0029_2


So thats all from our side. Do you have good cosplay pictures you think we missed out? Just holla in the comments section or drop in a mail to hi at ill gaming dot in. Also, do check out the Cosplay from New Delhi Comic Con 2013 if you’re willing to walk down memory lane. See you next year, with hopefully even a bigger and better Comic Con!

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  1. Hi he is cloud strife from final fantasy 7 not squall :)

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