Early Look : Path of Shadows

Early Look : Path of Shadows

Platforms : PC, Mac and Linux
Genre : Stealth action
Availability : TBA, Free Prototype available

If you ever wanted to be the master of shadows you are in luck, 5 students at IDEC – Universitat Pompeu Fabra, share your idea of fun and present you with Path of Shadows. The game is not yet released but the developers plan a kickstarter soon. Instead you can play the prototype proof of concept or a glorified trial, whatever you please to call it. Recently they finished setting up a game studio, Lince Works, and have a full team of people ready to start this project. With pre-production commencing in December.

Path of Shadows is a Third Person Stealth Game, combining old school stealth with an updated style and connivances. presented to you with power and frailty. The character has the ability to switch between his shadows (think of him like zed from LoL). Set in a temple with eastern influence and with the character using a magical glyph robe, the art style is very colorful with almost an ink outline like feel, this allows for some great black contrast.

The games description reads:

You control a reborn warrior in a mission to rescue a mysterious deity from a temple fortress. To aid you in this task, you are given the power of Shadow Control. To infiltrate the temple you will need to sneak past guards, teleport between shadows, create your own areas of darkness and strategically assassinate your targets.

Check out their website @ thepathofshadows.com

Or download the free prototype @ prototype.thepathofshadows.com




4 1024x640 Early Look : Path of Shadows  7 1024x640 Early Look : Path of Shadows

19 1024x640 Early Look : Path of Shadows

tumblr mu72wwYTL21s8wo7go2 r1 400 Early Look : Path of Shadows

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