Free game (for the Thief and Doom 3 fans): The Dark Mod

Everyone exited about the new Thief game and with the launch of this new gameplay trailer, February 25, 2014 seems very, very far away. Here’s their new gameplay trailer in case you missed it.

To kill the time meanwhile you can play Dishonored or you can play The Dark Mod instead. Unlike the “choice-driven” Gameplay  of Thief 2014 this mod follows the older Thief games with a focus on stealth and staying in the shadows. This FPS mod created by Broken Glass Studios and was started back in 2004 (when it was a mod for Doom 3) , but now receives a standalone release making a completely free game, without the need of owning a copy of Doom 3. The new 2.0 release of the mod turned game also brings updates to the game and AI behavior. The release also forgoes all of Doom 3′s assets and focus more on the Steampunk and  Middle Ages themes. Set in a very similar world to that of the original Thief  series  you control an agile thief  using equipment and environment you have to avoid guards, traps, creatures or other threats. Since the player has only a limited fighting capability, stealth is the preferred mode here and combat is to be avoided. You can download the entire game for freezy here.


  1. Make sure your folder is named “darkmod” or you’ll have trouble with saved games.

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