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First Sony PS4 and Xbox One reviews go live

Xbox One Sony PS4 Review

The PS4 and Xbox One are yet to be launched (release date: late November), but GQ Magazine has gone ahead with publishing the reviews for both the next-gen consoles. These reviews were published today. The Xbox One controller and Kinect have been praised, with GQ claiming “the controller feels like a decent step up from its predecessor and the Kinect ... Read More »

Asus Xonar U7 DAC and headphone amp Review

ASUS Xonar U7 Review

Contents Introduction Features & Specifications Design, Build and Software Performance Conclusion Introduction Lets face it, we’re playing more games, listening to more music and watching more movies on the go. Portability is a desirable feature in almost anything we buy these days. Yet, it is evident that the quality of experience offered to us on fixed setups is leaps ahead ... Read More »

Batman GFWL (Games for Windows Live) Announcement

Batman GFWL removal

How do you please a fan of the Batman Arkham Series on PC? Well, you could remove Games for Windows Live (GFWL) and Securom from the game. You could add Steam Achievements and Trading Cards and Upgrade all owners to the GOTY editions. And finally, you could make all the existing GFWL keys redeemable on Steam. And WB Games has ... Read More »

The Problem with Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V may have broken all kinds of records in the Guinness World Records but a game of its notoriety is bound to rankle certain groups’ sensibilities and annoy them. Which is how most gamers tend to see the self-righteous “cultural criticism” directed by the so-called “feminists” towards GTA V right from when the moment the first details about ... Read More » A social journal for video gamers

Are you a gamer? Do you like bragging about how many games you have played? Do you socialize? Then DPADD.COM is just the site for you! DPADD is a startup by Clayton Correia, a UI designer from Canada. is an online journal and social network for gamers. Dpadd allows users to record every game they play, rate and review ... Read More »

Krrish 3: The Game out now. Gameplay video and download links inside.

Krrish 3 the game

Krrish 3: The Game is available now on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Windows PC (download links below). The game is launched amid the much awaited released of Krrish 3 – The Movie next month. Developed by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment and Gameshastra, Krrish 3: The Game is an online multiplayer competitive running game. Set against the backdrop of Mumbai, ... Read More »

Shah Rukh Khan plays Batman: Arkham Origins with his kids

Shah Rukh Arkham Origins video games

If you’re spending too much time wondering what India’s biggest movie star does when he’s not facing the camera, you can stop now. Shar Rukh Khan, posted a tweet from his Twitter account @iamsrk at 8:50 AM today: Arkham Origins…the boys and me are going to own you. Night long sessions in progress.Nothing like a good video game to make ... Read More »

The Last of Us: DLC #1 Abandoned Territories Recap

The Last of Us Abandoned Territories DLC

It had been 37 days and some hours since I have last taken a trip into the dingy post pandemic multiplayer maps of The Last Of Us: Factions. But thanks to the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4, my hunger to revisit the post apocalyptic was brewing stronger than ever. Even when the confusing world of GTA Online ... Read More »

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Batman: Arkham Origins review

For a very long time I’ve been waiting to play and experience how Batman was chiseled to become one of the greatest vigilantes that the world has ever seen. Devoid of any superhuman strength except for a phenomenal brain coupled with a trained body, Bruce Wayne’s beginning is forever enchanting; no matter how many versions add up to the record. ... Read More »

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