Total War: Rome 2 second patch out today. Includes over 100 fixes.

The much awaited second patch for Total War: Rome 2 is out today.

Graduating from beta, this patch addresses many technical and performance bugs, including AI pathfinding problems (which was a pain to be honest) and over a 100 fixes.

A new warning message has been added to loading screen to inform the player when graphics memory is running low, and the game is downgrading the players graphics settings. This can be overriden, allowing the game to use system memory for graphics (VRAM) by ticking the “Unlimited video memory” option in the graphics menu.

Total War: Rome 2 suffered from poor performance, even on high-end system during its large battles. The patch claims to “increase frame rate” and “reduce frame stuttering” on multiple-GPU systems.

Apart from the performance improvements, gameplay and usability improvements and bug-fixes are also present in the patch. Infantry run speed, charge speed and acceleration in battles has been reduced. Flanking moral penalties have also been increased.

For a full list of all the changes and bug fixes, visit the Rome 2 wiki.

The patch will be applied to the game upon restarting.

Creative Assembly are also working on Patch 3, which enters beta testing soon. Patch 3 brings in changes to battle gameplay and further improvements for specific hardware configurations.

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