Top Five Moments in GTA V

Top Five Moments in GTA V

Surely, in terms of new age gaming and open world experience there cannot be another title in my mind other than the resounding comeback story of Rockstar Games’ most prized asset – Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto V may not be critically hefty, but it was all that I expected and that I didn’t early this month. You can check out the iLL Trio Review of Grand Theft Auto V and pick your special character, or you may just continue with me happily sharing what happens when you turn the style in GTA V’s heavily intricate sandbox!

The sandbox of GTA V allows you to do what made you a GTA fan all this far, take control of the open world map and never stop from giving yourself a breathtaking exploration tour. Exploration is the key in almost each of Grand Theft Auto’s stories, but with GTA V, Rockstar has basically permitted you to check out every cloud, every mountain top, nearly every rooftop and basically create memories wherever you go, yes with selfies too! Without further delay, let me tell you how I sc***ed around with the crazy sandbox of Grand Theft Auto V.

‘Cuz I’m Free, Free Falling!

While I was gearing up for one of the early heists, I saw Trevor walk out of the room asking Michael to take some flying lessons if they want to go ahead with the mission. Just being an early explorer in the ravishingly mysterious city of Los Santos and beyond, I just followed my marker and landed up at the backdoor of the Los Santos Airport. Not knowing what to do now, I rushed my car inside the airport, and the next thing I know, the cops have already rated my act as a three starred punishable.  My car hit the main turn of the airport (I am a decent driver but the cop siren puts excessive performance pressure on me) and I was left with nothing but one of those airport trolley cars. Driving at lightning speed (not!) I ducked a couple of cop cars and reached at the end of my survival hope, found a vacant mini jet. Pressed the triangle button in my PS3 controller straight.

If you’ve played your GTA V well, you may agree with me here, getting to control and fly a jet/plane in GTA is one big pain! And I did all that, amidst cop firing and god knows what. The radio turned up one of my favourite songs from Grand Theft Auto V – Rain, by The Cult. Running it down the runaway I thought that I almost escaped the cops, when one silly cop popped open one of my jet propellers. The jet lost balance in mid air and I knew this was going nowhere, but it was also my last chance to save those 5000 dollars that you waste when you get wasted. Not your gig, fellas! And I hovered my damaged jet over the seaways connecting Vespucci Beach. Taking a deep breath, I pressed my triangle button once again, and dived straight for the sea, saw my jet slowly dipping at an arms distance. As I headed for the corals, I saw the jet crashing right next to me under the ocean, and all the fishes getting scared and running in every direction. Swimming my way through to the shore I found that I evaded the stars for good. Went straight for a tattoo parlour.

Enter Sandman (of Sandy Shores)

I think Rockstar Games has always been about storytelling and character detailing at par with all the open map and breathtaking action sequences. It’s only through a character that you develop your first attachment to the game, Marston did it, so did Mona Sax, and now it was time for Trevor Phillips. I’m a little biased when it comes to picking a favourite, and in GTA V, Trevor has been my favourite all through the game. Why? Blowing sh** up, scr***g other’s girlfriends and then sparing no blood for further explanation. He’s the most perfect maniac and probably the best way to scar humanity for life.

You nearly have to wait for like 3-4 gameplay hours before you get officially introduced to the future industrial tycoon – Trevor Phillips. Living in his shack, Trevor is introduced as he is making love to the girlfriend of the so called leader of the town’s biker gang. Johnny, the biker, comes straight into his house and challenges Trevor to confront him, calling him a m***f***er. From merely walking away from the scene with a beer in hand to confronting him to get f***ed instead, to comforting him to smashing his head to the ground, Rockstar finally makes us believe that we are set for greatness with the crazy Trevor Phillips now fighting for screen space with Franklin and Michael.

Just skip to the 5th minute of this video to know what I’m saying:

Did someone check the Gossip page today?

With Grand Theft Auto V, you’ve got crazy side quests and random characters popping in. Like it’s in the name – Strangers and Freaks. That’s when you meet Madison, an aspiring (if at all it’s a word) paparazzo. As Franklin, you are driven off the cliff to capture some of the best and worst moments from the celeb life of Vinewood, Los Santos. In the first mission, Franklin rides a bike and tries to close in the gap with a celeb inside a limo as Madison tries to do “his thing”. Well hold on if you think it’s simple, a rival paparazzo joins the parade and tries to get the dope out in the market before you can. Now you’ll just have to follow his trail, catch up, beat him up and then publish his clicked pictures with your certificate. Clearly Rockstar knows how to own the meaning of rampage. Rumours have it that the Paparazzi missions are actually a dig at Kanye West’s epic fails at confronting.

This is not the end to it, in your next mission you will have to sneak into a celeb’s garden, click pictures (manually doing it so) of her getting butt drilled by a co-worker under the heavy influence of mar*juana, and then you will have to record her trying to run your car down in the streets. Madness reaches an undisputed level in Grand Theft Auto V.

Go Xtreme!

All main missions and doing no random event make Jack a dull GTA fanboy. Some of the most gorgeous moments from GTA V and one of the best ways to exploit the credibility of this incredible sandbox is by doing random sports events on the map. Take a cart and go racing on the desert roads, hit the mountains with a cycle or a bike, face the high tides and ride your speedboat to the finish line or simply para-glide into earth. That’s why GTA is not anymore about a storyline and a definite end that you are so keen on meeting. At times, the world is so vast and beautiful that you simply get lost in it.

Some of the most epic moments of GTA V come during your Triathlons events. Some of the Triathlons are extremely epic. Running through the beach, leaping into ocean, swimming back into the shore, riding a bike up the hills and then finally sprinting to glory, GTA V has had me skipping the end of the game for more than 2 weeks now. The paragliding missions take you to the highest point in the sky, from where you dive into the heart of a mountain, forest, seas or the buzzing city, and set markers for your parachute for extra points! Xtreme franchise meets the Xtreme kind of adrenaline rush, and what’s more, all this will come back in the Online Mode too!

Caida Libre

There is so much to do in the GTA V world, like I said, and there are so many moments that can almost rival major Hollywood flicks that it becomes almost impossible for me not to bring this to light. Caida Libre is not only one of the best missions out of GTA V but it will come in the future articles that I’ll write too. I always felt a little inclined towards the outskirts district more than the real Los Santos, if you’d ask me. Before you go all prejudiced and call me a villager, here’s why: free roaming! Even though there are major highways around the outskirts, I have always been keen to jump off a climb, ride through a dune or simply explore.

The first of Martin Madrazo’s levels brings in the best out of the GTA V sandbox and the newly introduced character switching attribute. In case you are wondering who is Martin, well he’s a Mexican crime lord whose house was brought down by Michael and whose wife is apparently in love with Trevor Phillips. And for the first time, he loves that 50 year old woman too! In Caida Libre, Martin recruits Michael and Trevor to kill his blood Sanchez, who is heading for Liberty City in a plane. Shoot open the plane’s propellers as Michael, then quickly switch to Trevor and ride your dirt bike across the length of the countryside tailing the falling plane. It is a roller-coaster ride that no words can explain. Have a look at this video to see why it inspires awe:

So here are my Top V moments from Grand Theft Auto V that makes up for such a long time that I’ve been waiting for this franchise’s return. It may not be a critical hit, mind you, but the sandbox experience and the level designing truly stands out and gives you what no other game can give you – A HALF LIFE! If you have a special GTA V moment, write to me below, and I will try to enact the same!

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  1. Surprisingly, my favorite moment is not from a mission. It’s when I found the Hatch from Lost while I was scuba-diving with Michael. It’s one easter egg that I’ll never forget!! #ThanksRockstar

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