Sony announces newer cheaper PS Vita

Sony announces newer cheaper PS Vita

Yesterday at Sony’s pre-TGS press conference in Japan, it was announced that Sony will be releasing an all-new model of PlayStation Vita.

The new model will be thinner and lighter than the original PS Vita, and comes in six different colours. It will pack a 5″ LCD display, countering the beautiful OLED display of the standard Vita.

It will also make do without the premium build quality of the original PS Vita, replacing the metal parts with plastic parts. It is 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the standard Vita model. Battery life has been increased by an hour as well. In Sony’s word, the new Vita was made to be a “a more casual and easier to use model.”

new vita closeup Sony announces newer cheaper PS Vita

Currently only announced for Japan, the new PS Vita will release on the 10th of October for 18980 Yen, that is approximately Rs. 12,000/-. The standard PS Vita currently costs about Rs. 22,000 in India, so the price difference is almost double. This make the new Vita have more score than the original ever had in the country.

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