Next-Gen RPG Lords of the Fallen announced. Mind-blowing trailer and interview inside.

At the Gamescom gaming trade show, Polish-based developer City Interactive revealed the first trailer for its next-gen RPG project Lords of the Fallen. This game is being made for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and is being spearheaded Tomasz Gop, the producer of The Witcher 2. Tomasz Gop left CD Projekt in 2011 to join City Interactive.

“Challenge is what defines Lords of the Fallen,” says Gop. “Players who are going to be taking time to cross that gap between doing random things at the beginning because they don’t know the tactics, to being a fully-fledged, skillful Lords of the Fallen player at the end, is how we look at fun, entertainment and pleasure from playing Lords of the Fallen.”

Lords of the Fallen is being touted as a deep, dark and challenging role-playing journey. From the looks of the trailer, LOTF shares many similarities with From Software’s Dark Souls. More so, the game is marketing itself to Dark Souls fans. Gop adds that the combat draws inspiration from obscure games such as Moonstone, Vagrant Story and Severance: Blade of Darkness, which are medieval-themed games.

The game also draws elements from Borderlands, where Gop goes on to explain the inclusion of supernatural action skills in Lords of the Fallen. “We like to think of them as sort of a smart bomb.” Unlike Borderlands, however, classes in Lords of the Fallen are not set in stone. Instead, skills are tied to weapons and gear, making classes a “very relative construct in Lords of the Fallen, the weapon actually representing some sort of profile or allegiance,” as Gop put it.

For the story, Gop clarifies that unlike in the Souls series, Lords of the Fallen will feature a clearly defined character and plot. “We do want to tell the story and brag on the world that we have. We want to show it to the players,” Gop adds.

Lords of the Fallen will launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime next year.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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