Finished Dark Souls? Celebrate by a getting a Dark Souls tattoo!

Dark Souls is amazing. It disciplines you, teaches you, gives you nightmares. I can say this with all assertiveness that all who played Dark Souls, agree that it has changed them in some way. It’s not about how difficult it is, its much more than that. Many classify Dark Souls as a spiritual game, some, as a meditative experience. I wont go that far, but I can totally understand.

When one finishes Dark Souls, it is a feat one has to commemorate. I did so by locking myself in my room and starting NG+. Some go even further. Once such gentleman (Dave Cook, News Editor at VG247) celebrated his finishing of Dark Souls by getting a permanent mark on his body i.e. a tattoo. What better way to ingrave such a gaming/psychological/mental/dark/philosophical/meditational feat into your very lifelong existence, I say! Check it out!

dark souls tatooTo all familiar with the game, these are the bosses Ornstein and Smough. Ornstein is spear wielding dragon slayer and Smough is an executioner who wields a nasty hammer. In the game, you face them together, and they’re damn difficult, even by Dark Souls standards. It took me about 30 attempts to kill them! But ah, once you do defeat them, that feeling!

The tattoo looks badass, its a nice piece of art. Lets just hope Ornstein and Smough stay where they are, else we’re looking into one bloody massacre with countless “You Died”s.

Here’s another one:


Have you ever played Dark Souls? How did you celebrate your ending?

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