Best Android Games To Choose From

Android’s gaming scene isn’t the best out there, but for the last one year or so, we have seen several good games on the platform, and these games are definitely a level above the ones Android has been lagging from before. Whether the performance, gameplay or graphics, here’s a list of Android games that try and fulfill all those points for your mobile gaming experience.

Super Hexagon:

hx 300x187 Best Android Games To Choose From

This is not an easy game, but definitely a must-buy if you want are quite serious about playing games on your Android device. You have to protect yourself from mazes, lines and geometrical shapes that collide toward the center. With some old-school music from  Chipzel, Terry Cavanagh has done a fine job in developing this Android game that tests your hand-eye coordination. You get to earn one point on spending 60 seconds, which is actually more difficult than it sounds specially during your first few tries.

Dead Space: EA’s Dead Space is quite expensive for what it offers, but that doesn’t take away the fact it’s better than most FPS gore games on Android.

dead space 2  300x187 Best Android Games To Choose From

Playing as Vandal, you have to save the player from all the devils, pretty much everything blows up. Handling most things using your device’s accelerometer, the game’s controls aren’t too bad and same remarks for are its graphics.

N.O.V.A. 3: Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. series is quite popular, and its third installation does justice to this FPS series. The game has got really good graphics — be it depth or details — it has got them all covered and how.


This game’s only downside seems to be the controls. They are not at all intuitive, and certainly need to be better positioned for gaming on a mobile device. You can also have multiplayer sessions in six different modes on the Web.  Best Android Games To Choose FromA number of weapons and vehicles to choose from, this game is surely going to test your device’s computing power.

Cytus: Cytus is a great rhythm-based game could be quite an exercising session for your fingers. Yes, it fast-paced. On the tempo of music, a line passes through the screen, and you need to tap when the line passes through this circle’s center, which changes patterns as the game progresses.

Cytus  300x200 Best Android Games To Choose From

This game’s controls have been neatly done and music tracks (pop-rock) are also pretty good. You should download this game if you want a unique game that gets impressive as you progress.

Battleheart: This arcade and action game is liked by a lot of gamers. With a team of four members, you have to basically try and keep progressing while saving yourself from wizards.

Battleheart icon 300x300 Best Android Games To Choose From

There are a lot of characters to choose from, but the game’s controls are disappointing. Other than that, it is worth checking out if you want an RPG.

Apart from these five games, you should definitely check games like Sword & Sworcery, PewPew 2, Rayman Jungle RunDungeon Hunter 2, for heavier ones; Dots, Subway Surfers, and Plants V/S Zombies for some not-so-heavy ones.

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