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Best Android Games To Choose From

best android games

Android’s gaming scene isn’t the best out there, but for the last one year or so, we have seen several good games on the platform, and these games are definitely a level above the ones Android has been lagging from before. Whether the performance, gameplay or graphics, here’s a list of Android games that try and fulfill all those points ... Read More »

The iLLGaming Podcast Episode 1: Independence Day Special

Aug 15 Podcast

Hello everyone! So, we’ve been thinking about starting podcasts for quite some time, but never could muster the energy to do so. Well, August 15 came and it gave us the perfect window to start our Podcast series. Me, Ansh Patel and Tathagata Ray ramble on about what it means to be free, and what is freedom in video games. ... Read More »

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