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The Villains of Batman: Arkham Origins – The ill Speculations


If there is something that can captivate my senses and make me bow down for lifelong, it is undoubtedly Batman. When I was maybe 5-6 years old, I was officially introduced to Batman, with Tim Burton’s Batman Returns and eventually following up the saga with the comic book series and the Cartoon Network animated series. To me, Batman is the ... Read More »

NVIDIA launches mainstream GeForce GTX 760


Amid the successive launches of GeForce GTX 780 and GTX 770, NVIDIA has today officially launched the GeForce GTX 760 graphics processing unit. This is the mainstream GPU of the GTX 700 series, and possibly will be the highest selling and de-facto first choice of buyers, since it is aimed at providing quality performance at a budget price. NVIDIA’s official ... Read More »

Sony confirms PS4 launch in India

PS 4-4

In an interview with IVG, PlayStation India country manager Atindriya Bose confirmed that Sony’s highly awaited PlayStation 4 will launch in India alongside its launch time in Europe. A date for launch has not been confirmed yet, but it seems more likely that the next-gen console will launch around November 2013. “It will be matched with the European launch; give or ... Read More »

Little Inferno – Review


Little Inferno Developer: Tomorrow Corporation Publisher: Tomorrow Corporation Platform : iOS, PC (reviewed), Wii U, OS X, Linux Genre : Puzzle Video games industry has matured a lot and games are no longer seen as entertainment for kids but rather as an Visual and interactive entertainment media. There are many examples like Dear ester and The path which focus on the exploration aspect of the ... Read More »

BYOC 2013, Delhi goes house-full and entertains

It’s halfway through year 2013 and notions haven’t changed a bit about gaming in our career lusty country. Every neighbourhood has a doctor, a philosopher, a cosmopolitan and a bunch of officers, but a professional gamer? None. Parents are adverse to their children living days inside the PCs and consoles. In this hard bent world, Bring Your Own Computer is ... Read More »

GeForce GTX Titan Benchmarked and Reviewed


INDEX Introduction Test Rig and Results Results (continued) Frame Time Latency Conclusion Introducing the Bonafide Beast THE BEAST GeForce GTX TITAN was born on 19th of February,2013 with a price tag of (USD) 999.99 or (INR) 69,999.00. It is a one of a kind GPU by NVIDIA, who seem confident about their new franchise product, even though it is also ... Read More »

Play on Rent: India’s leading video game renting and sharing portal

por 1

Renting and sharing are an integral part of secondary marketing in the video game industry. However, the renting scene is not very strong in the young Indian gaming community as of now. There are ongoing attempts to change the scenario and companies like ‘Play on Rent’ (POR) are leading the charge. is a simple rent, share and buy video ... Read More »

A Guide Video Game Digital Stores


Piracy has been a concern for a long time, especially in India, and there have been many attempts to curb it with different forms of DRM to gameplay restrictions. Recently we have also seen a better alternative that the community had been writing on stones and throwing at windows of major publishers to implement like better distribution and better prices. ... Read More »

The Last of Us Multiplayer Review


  The Last Of Us was that very game that I was looking forward to, in this console expiring year. My love for Uncharted and its cinematic experience always told me that this was the game that could perhaps bid a righteous goodbye to the Playstation 3. As always, count Naughty Dog to create magic out of nowhere. With this ... Read More »

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