DOTA 2 breaks record of highest online players on Steam

DOTA 2 Hero Wars

Dota 2 is huge. Thousands are playing it, and the number keeps growing on a day-to-day bases, thanks to the swathes of Beta-keys being given away by Valve. Whats funny is, the game hasn’t even been released yet, its still in Beta.

Dota 2, at some point of time in the past weekend,  had a total of 329,977 Steam users that were running the game. This is a new record, as no other game has posted such numbers in Steam. The previous record was also held by DOTA 2, where it recorded about 297,000 players online in early March. From March to now, this increase is about a 10% jump in the number of players online. This growth alone proves the Dota 2 community is active and growing rampantly.

Thanks, PC Gamer



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