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Sonic Lost World debut trailer

Sonic The Lost Worlds

Sonic Lost World, the upcoming game in the superfast Sonic series has come out with its first trailer. The game takes you through different worlds and pitch you against the colourful deadly six, while dodging various obstacles in extremely accelerated conditions. Sonic Lost World will launch in the second half of 2013 and will be exclusive to Nintendo 3DS and ... Read More »

Blizzard’s project ‘Titan’ to be redeveloped from zero


Blizzard’s ongoing MMO project ‘Titan’ is going through  a massive overhaul in terms of technology, design, and the development team. As per the reports the development is back to zero now and the release date has been pushed to 2016 at the earliest. A Blizzard spokesman said in a statement: “ We’ve always had a highly iterative development process, and the unannounced ... Read More »

EA hints at Mirror’s Edge 2. No Release Date though.

Mirror's Edge 2

Remember the awesome runner-action game that was Mirror’s Edge, released 2009? Mirror’s Edge, one could argue, was one of the few rare good games published by EA. The game was unique and did something that wasn’t done before, it was innovative, something that is lacking today, with EA being the at the epitome of so called modern day ‘innovation.’ EA ... Read More »

Sony Japan’s ‘Rain’ out with its debut trailer


Sony Japan Studio recently released the first trailer for their upcoming game ‘Rain’, which was announced last year. The game is a very subtle adventurer platformer in which an invisible boy seeks an invisible little girl in a dark world where it never stops to rain. Rain is so beautifully conceptualized that it will be hard to tell whether the game ... Read More »

5 Creative Takes on the Moba Genre (Part 2/3)


The moba genre is relatively new in the gaming industry, but that has not deterred developers from adding mechanics and aesthetics  that challenge and stretch the boundaries of genre. As you transform the core mechanic to accommodate new technologies, new ideas and in some ways experiment with the existing business model, it will initiate some fundamental shifts. So here’s taking a look ... Read More »

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