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Blacklight Retribution Review: A worthy free-to-play Shooter

BLR 2013-03-25 06-53-31-19 - Copy

Developers: Zombie Studios Distributor: Perfect world entertainment Genre:       FPS Platform:   PC (Steam) Intro These days Good shooting isn’t enough draw the attention of your audience. You must have an ace up your sleeve to stand out in the massive ocean of carbon copy FPS titles looking for a quick buck, Blacklight Retribution has four. With a free-to-play, ... Read More »

Weapons To Die For, Literally – Part 1

weapons to die for

Man is after all an animal. He has to struggle against the nature and its cruel forces, the deadly creatures out in the jungles, the gods who have forsaken us and the greatest threat – man himself. In order to adapt to the changing times, man needs to improve and innovate, to retain his older glory with a stain of ... Read More »

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