Warframe: Preview

ScreenShot003 Warframe: Preview

Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: TBA
Genre(s): Third Person Combat/Shooter
Developer and Publisher: Digital Extremes (known for Darkness 2, Dark sector)
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220px NinjaGolf Warframe: Preview

Instant Awesome: Just add Ninjas

Only the most non-imaginative can deny that Ninja have some level of awesome. Some stories can’t easily fit them, but they don’t need to make sense as all but the most discerning of viewers will forgive liberties with reality as long as the result is breathtakingly pure awesome. If you want to have battle of intergalactic space stations, go ahead as long as there a Ninja in your game! Welcome to Warframe.

Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online 3rd person action game set in a sci-fi setting within the solar system. Play alone or with up to 4 players and raids across the solar system in PvE combat. This is a PC exclusive title currently in closed beta. It follows a F2P business model with micro transactions for cosmetic and in-game items.



Warframes are like suits and is closest thing to a class u can get to a class. Each has its own distinctive powers and abilities. They also individually level up and gain experience. The gameplay mainly involves playing coop and take on missions which involve killing stuff. It’s a 3rd person shooter set in a setting futuristic setting with guns and sliding and acrobatics. It does not use cover mechanics, well u don’t anyway, but the enemy does. Giving a fell like u are an alien killing machine and the humans are defending themselves against you, Not being able to take cover also means that the action is fast paced. The game combines gunplay and melee seamlessly as the game’s combat is very fluid and natural, with a enough challenge to keep it enjoyable.

Warframe.x64 2013 01 11 00 03 05 292 1024x576 Warframe: Preview

Powered up electric Dual pistols: Check

Certain enemies you don’t want to go melee with, others that throw grenades. Your arsenal includes a main rifle (machine guns, shotgun), a pistol (Dual revolver, machine pistols) and a melee weapon (swords, gauntlets). All of these gain levels and grow better until u can afford something of higher overall specs. You can find ammo and crafting parts in-game containers.

The unique nature of the game is the movement fluidity involving sliding, rolling, wall jumping, climbing and other acrobatic maneuver’s. The game also has a mini hacking mini-game where you match nodes. Game has a great overall pace and matches can last from 5 to 20 minutes.


Warframe’s graphics are beautiful, with mix of realistic model and slightly metallic art pallet definitely flush out the futuristic look of the setting, which the game was going for. At times it appears as if you are watching an action movie, which is a great compliment to the art and aesthetics. The level of detail on each suit is great and looks great for a mix of bio-enhanced and futuristic warriors. (Think Aliens meets terminator). High fidelity/ graphic setting game and is extremely scalable on various machines. Runs super smooth and the texture quality is amazing. The best part is that the entire game is under 1GB as if now.


Music is hit and miss with techno/ electro and anime inspired fast paced music, which is great, combines with sound effect for enemies and weapon hit and other elements are as just bad.

Cash shop and crafting

The game is coop game and the notion of buying power does not make much sense the main draw is to try different weapons and warframes which you can craft or buy. The game does claim that the most powerful weapons and items can only be created through crafting. Completing missions and scavenging containers you can collect materials for crafting. This can be used to craft warframes, weapons and temporary perks. You can also customize your Warframe (suit) with colours, some free some paid, adding a cosmetic layer.

Warframe 2013 02 24 00 47 34 21 1024x576 Warframe: Preview

The crafting system

Final thoughts:

It has a solid start and aesthetic with a lot of potential and just needs more content to keep me interested in coming back again. If you ever wanted to be a badass space ninja now’s your chance. The game is open for the weekend with many more open weekends coming soon.

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