Tomb Raider: Monastery Escape Gameplay Commentary

Crystal Dynamics released a video walkthrough of the highly-anticipated upcoming Tomb Raider, for the Monastery Escape level.

This video walkthrough demonstrates Lara’s combat skills and strategy choices, and how she uses her Survival Instincts to navigate to points of interest on the island. No longer does Lara have the affirmative control on the situation we’d expect her to. She is vulnerable, and often over powered, yet adaptive to the situation. From the looks of the it, the game looks great, it’s different from the generic Tomb Raider series. The platforming seems somewhat similar to that found in Uncharted. What’s ironic is that Uncharted has taken so many things itself from the Tomb Raider series.

We will be doing an in-depth coverage of Tomb Raider, so stay tuned. Next week hopefully we’ll be interviewing one of the creators of Tomb Raider. We won’t disclose who, its a surprise.

Enjoy the video!

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