The New Age of Free to Play

2 300x102 The New Age of Free to Play

Hello Readers, I am Ajay Verma and I’m from the internet.

Back in 2005 saying your game was free to play was enough. That was it, done and anyone with a modem and a keyboard and mouse were in and checking it out, but recently with SOE’s announcement of Bullet Run closing down less than an year after launch sparks an interesting conversation that in this age of F2P gaming, it’s the gamers who are in the commanding position and have a say over the success of a game as they invest their time and money to make or break the game. We now also see a level of polish and quality in F2P games that was only seen in boxed full price games till recently. Hence we see a saturation in the market where just putting out an F2P game is no longer the criteria for success. This has led to a market where the gamer has many choices even in the F2P market and ultimately it’s the gamers gamer chooses how he will invest his money.

Even if you do decide to invest real money in a F2P game there is a huge difference than investing in a standard box purchase and that is that the items you have bought or paid for are only valid till the time frame of the game, and when the company decides to pull the plug that’s it. Unlike a boxed game which you can play solo as long as you have the disk. This brings us to the question that with so many games out there which are the tiles that are both fun and fair in their pricing model and it can be a chore to test them out and pick one of the many.

Starting this week I will be your guide to some free to play games the iLL way. Now it will be my effort to bring to you some of the games that may be out of public eye. Attempting to cover a wide genre in of F2P games, like sci-fi, horror, mmo etc. I will be downloading and playing a few of the games from each genre to compare and merit to tell you which of them are worth of your time (and possible money, developers gotta eat too).

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