Leading distributor tells retailers not to discount games, subsidiary does so on eBay

No Soup For You Wide Leading distributor tells retailers not to discount games, subsidiary does so on eBay

Here in India, some of you might have noticed a distinct lack of discounts when it comes to purchasing games. This is because one of the leading distributors, Milestone Interactive has forbade retailers from discounting games for a stipulated period of time, usually 60 days post-release. In a way, it’s a fair method of ensuring that everyone keeps the same price and competes on service and perhaps, freebies that come along with pre-ordering. But there are always ways to price lower such as discount coupons and well, doing it on the sly via eBay. Which is what Game4u, Milestone’s retail arm has done.

Eagled-eyed gamers at IndianVideoGamer and MCV perused through their eBay listings, which operates under the name of jrs-games-store (incidentally, JRS are the initials of the company chairman), finding discounted PS3s, Vitas and new and yet to be released games priced lower than MRP which is against Milestone’s own policy and that of Sony’s (who forbids discounting on consoles). These include DmC and up until a few hours ago, the yet to be released Crysis 3 (which is quite entertaining, our review goes up later this week). IVG forum goers have even come forward with receipts proving that they’re one and the same.

And while we’re all for lower pricing, isn’t there a classier way of doing it? Preferably one which isn’t so unscrupulous either.

Via: MCV India and IndianVideoGamer.com


  1. I think all gamers can empathize with this one. That is harsh. Keep bringing us news from your corner of the world! Very cool story.

  2. Second that

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