Bethesda Game Studios employing for a Next-Gen Game

Illgaming Bethesda Game Studios Bethesda Game Studios employing for a Next Gen Game

Bethesda Game Studios rose to fame with their games “Fallout 3″ and the “Elder Scrolls” series, and now they are looking to expand, through some kind of a next-gen game, they are looking for talent to assist in this new development. The Studio posted a job listing for a “future generation console programmer” recently.

As the new generation consoles are being lined up for this year launch, we can surely expect to see more game studios looking for talented and experienced people across various platforms. Sony’s PS4 is most probably launching this month and Xbox 720 will soon follow, hence there is every reason to plan in advance. Also, “Fallout 4″ and “Elder Scrolls 6″ look like a juicy proposition to start working on, if not already started.

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