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Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U Postponed Indefinitely


Aliens Colonial Marines has been dismal in the critics department, hitting a disastrous 49 in Metacritic. Rumours are beginning to surface whether the previously announced Wii U version of the game would even see the light or not. Amazon has removed the Wii U version which it had listed for a while. Kotaku writer Jason Schreier says he received a ... Read More »

The Free-to-Play Games of 2013

sq2 news

2012 has been a great year for free games. Now in 2013 we see a new breed of games associated with great publishers and giant developers, with so much polish and quality that anyone can now enjoy high quality gaming content without spending a dime. This results in more players and hence a better social experience and a risk free ... Read More »

Valve Layoffs 25 Due to “Large Decisions” About the Future

Even Valve is not invincible

In the seemingly impossible event, several employees — estimated to be 25 in total, were let go from Valve on Tuesday. Valve hasn’t confirmed the exact headcount, but it has been estimated that almost 25 of their 300-strong employee base have been affected due to the “great cleansing” and “large decisions.” Most of these layoffs have affected the hardware and ... Read More »

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