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DOTA 2 Hero Wars, Episode 1: Lifestealer vs Skeleton King

DOTA 2 Hero Wars

DOTA 2, surprisingly still in beta, is an ever improving, glorious, super addictive free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game. The awesome part about this game is the intelligent match-making; based on your level, wins and MMR (Match-making Ranking), a player is put into a random group of 5 vs 5. But this is only one small aspect of ... Read More »

Tomb Raider: Monastery Escape Gameplay Commentary


Crystal Dynamics released a video walkthrough of the highly-anticipated upcoming Tomb Raider, for the Monastery Escape level. This video walkthrough demonstrates Lara’s combat skills and strategy choices, and how she uses her Survival Instincts to navigate to points of interest on the island. No longer does Lara have the affirmative control on the situation we’d expect her to. She is ... Read More »

Indiagames crosses 200 million downloads on the Nokia Store


A press release statement released today by Disney UTV claims their mobile game making arm, Indiagames, has crosses the 200 million downloads landmark on the Nokia Store. Only nine months back the 100 million downloads mark had been accomplished. With downloads recorded from all four corners of the earth, the top 10 countries were India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, ... Read More »

The New Age of Free to Play

new age

Hello Readers, I am Ajay Verma and I’m from the internet. Back in 2005 saying your game was free to play was enough. That was it, done and anyone with a modem and a keyboard and mouse were in and checking it out, but recently with SOE’s announcement of Bullet Run closing down less than an year after launch sparks ... Read More »

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