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JJ Abrams and Valve Collaborating on a Movie and a Game

Half Life meets Star Wars?

In the most unlikely of events, Star Trek and Star Wars Episode VII director in a press conference with the head honcho of Valve Corporation, Gabe Newell announced that they were both collaborating on a game and a movie. According to Gabe, this collaboration will be based on exchange of ideas two creative people have in regards to their respective mediums. Gabe spoke during at ... Read More »

Reality or Illusion: Violence in Video Games

Every medium has had a phase where they had the likes of NRA demanding its censorship but they still survived

[In our new feature, Ansh Patel explores a popular opinion of an issue — whether it’s long-time or current and examines it from various angles to determine exactly how much truth there is in it. By removing the layers of superficiality and bias and examining it from different perspectives, this feature aims at determining what exactly is the “Truth” and ... Read More »

Tactical Multiplayer Trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines

aliens colonial marines

The SEGA and Gearbox Software PR today yesterday released a brand Tactical Multiplayer Trailer for their upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines (February 12, 2013). The trailer showcases the Xenomorph and Marine Special Abilities. Much of it are features we’ve seen in other games, such a Revive Teammate, Smoke Screen etc. We get a glimpse of the number tactical options the player ... Read More »

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