Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter

 Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter

Genre:        First Person Shooter
Publisher:    EA Games
Developer:   Danger Close Games


The story is inspired by actual events. This game is a dedication to the families of military personnel who face unimaginable danger and threats on a recurring basis where their courage and dedication sadly goes unacknowledged outside the military circle. There are two playable characters: Preacher and Stump, both Navy Seals. The game attempts to emotionally bond the player with Preacher who is a Navy Seal and is trying to hold his troubled marriage together. He is torn between his sense of duty as a professional soldier and his love for his wife and child. The game takes you to Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia and Dubai during its course.


The game features single player and online multiplayer modes. The single player mode unfortunately has a linear gameplay execution. Introduction to the story is immersive and suspenseful. Like almost every FPS game, the player can take cover behind objects, lean from cover and take a quick peek to take out enemies.

 Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter The game has a progressively rewarding and dynamic breach system with several options of execution. Every four headshots (while breaching) unlocks a new style of breach. The different breach styles that are rewarded are tomahawk, crowbar, shotgun, door knob charge, flex linear charge and sheet charge.


 Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter

Sometimes the player needs to assume control of a bot in order to wipe out enemies from unreachable places. You can shoot multiple shots at one time from the machine gun integrated in the bot or more damage can be made from the alternate firepower of the bot – grenades.


In different situations, you will need to bring down the enemy while sitting in a hovering chopper, moving chopper and from a running motorboat. At one point, you even get to drive a motorboat, once you are done shooting. The game has a couple of very interesting car chases in between rain, mud and dust storm, obviously at different times. This is rarely seen in games of this genre. Another first for a FPS game is that when you are outnumbered and being chased by goons, you will need to look for hiding spots on the mini map so that once the enemy cars have crossed by you can make it to the exit. This has been earlier seen in NFS Most Wanted game.

 Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter

The game also features a couple of intense chase scenes where the player will have to chase an eluding enemy and often showered by bullets in between from the hidden enemies’ en-route.


 Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter