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Arma Tactics Revealed as Project Shield Exclusive


Bohemia Interactive, the developer behind Arma, unveiled Arma Tactics on nVidia’s brand new Tegra 4-powered handheld which is tentatively titled as “Project Shield”. According to Bohemia, Arma Tactics will see players taking control of a four-member Special Forces squad and work their way through story-driven and randomly generated missions. Players can either go guns blazing or adopt a stealthier way of playing, while making ... Read More »

What Makes Dark Souls a Groundbreaking Marvel


I was one of the thousands that signed the petition asking Namco Bandai to make a PC port for Dark Souls. I never even played Demon Souls, but numerous prompts from fellow gamers intrigued me towards the Souls franchise. And when finally Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition was released for PC, I got my hands on it to see ... Read More »

Gameloft Posts Growth, Shuts Down India Studio, makes 250 redundant


Gameloft, a premier mobile-phone game maker, recently came out with its year-end results, and they’re definitely profitable . Everybody knows that mobile gaming holds a major stake in pushing game revenues to the sky and this sector will continue to rocket, with companies like Gameloft itself reaping the full benefits of the trend. Gameloft posted a 27% revenue growth, with reported ... Read More »

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