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Review: Catherine

catherine 23

Love & relationships have been (ab)used to death in popular culture which is why it is a surprise that video games with its “younger brother” complex in regards to the older mediums haven’t tried imitating them more often in this regard. Sure, there have been ventures into romance before but they have either ended up as fairy-tale romance of Link ... Read More »

Free-to-Play Gaming Portal Gamiction.com Launched


Chinese MMORPG game developer ChangYou.com, the makers of Dragon Oath, have launched Gamiction.com, a Free-to-play Browser based game portal. Gamiction.com aims the be a revolution in the Indian MMORPG landscape and put India on the world gaming map. Gamiction.com is designed keeping in mind the specific needs of Indian gamers, offering local support and customized events. Currently there are three ... Read More »

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