2013: iLL Gaming Awards – The Game of the Year

2013: iLL Gaming Awards – The Game of the Year

Our iLL Team Picks were all in contention for it, but there can be only one definitive Game of the Year (GotY) 2013. It is a game which we feel is the highlight of the year, it’s best creative entertainment product.

goty 2013 nominees 2013: iLL Gaming Awards   The Game of the YearOur final GotY nominees were Saints Row IV, Rayman Legends, The Last Of Us, DOTA 2 and The Stanley Parable, each an excellent game in it’s own right.








goty 2013 raymanl 2013: iLL Gaming Awards   The Game of the YearRayman Legends: iLLGaming Review Score – 9.5

Remarkably, Ubisoft somehow managed to better the stellar Origins with an even more delightful Rayman Legends. With more consistent bursts in creativity, there was not a single dull moment in the entire game. Cap it off some of the most creative levels we could find this side of Super Mario, the musical levels encapsulated everything brilliant about Legends — sheer delight in its creativity, tight controls and colourful visuals. Add more players to the mix and there was even more fun to be had in its varied and challenging co-op modes. With the incredible amount of content including some recreated worlds from Origins, no game provided as many hours of delight and entertainment with its creativity as Legends did.

With that we conclude our 2013 Awards. We hope you had a great year in Gaming and look forward to what delectable gaming experiences 2014 brings us. iLL out.

iLL Gaming 2013 Award Roundup

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