Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games

Video gaming, especially puzzle and quiz based, stimulates blood flow to the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which in turn gradually improves a player’s speed, accuracy and response time over a certain period. And this is not limited to any particular age group; because the older you get, the more it is necessary to keep the brain functioning properly. A classic example of this was Nintendo’s ’95 classic ‘Brain Age’ and a more nuisance example was Contra of 1988. Modern day gaming includes all kinds of puzzles, quizzes and mazes integrated into a FPS or a RPG game, along with the obvious action etc.

In this article, super 7 mind screwing games of all time will be discussed; there have been other difficult and boggling games as well but these 7 top illgaming’s charts:


brain image002 Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games


A gamer playing flight simulator can actually fly an airplane and that is what they show in the movies too. Well, as much fun as it sounds, the FS is a top notch game of extreme skill and accuracy, plus remembering the plethora of controls and buttons, along with various conditions such as weather and air traffic control. This is one game which actually prepares you for the real life, if the situation demands.


brain image004 Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games

F-ZERO GX 2003

Dodging obstacle laden path, decreasing energy with each crash, trying to stop your vehicle before it explodes into tiny metal bits and trying to make sense of the story mode. This racing game from Nintendo makes you feel like an under achiever. The game is fast, panic struck and coming out of hairpins is almost impossible. Just cannot be finished without honing your driving skills.


brain image006 Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games


Our childhood favourite time pass was also one of the most irritating games of all. One bullet/rocket/whatever can kill you instantly, 3 lives is all one has, to complete the game. Even though there are a lot of guns available, but the enemy rotating/moving machinery and stupid soldiers jumping out of the bushes is way too much to handle. One touch and you�re dead. The final part of each level was played in a vertical mode. The most difficult parts were the armed doors. The funny thing is that the player could go into the water and hide in it and escape bullets, a game developed in 1988 with a futuristic outlook; and even now there are so many games where a player dies if made to jump into water.

4. FAR CRY 2

brain image008 Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games


This is not a hard game apart from the bullets. There is hardly a moment in the game when you are not being shot at, which also makes it difficult to scrape through. Drive a car, you are being shot at; blow the enemy base; still you are being shot at. Where’s the fun? Play Duke Nukem instead, where shooting is at least fun.


brain image010 Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games


The last time I was so scared while playing a game was during Half Life, where dirty monsters stick to your face and what all bloody non-sense one comes across, but I was all of ten then. But Dead Space leaves all that behind, you can’t rest, you can’t hide and guess what, in this you can’t run either. Because wherever you go, they will try to kill you; enemies just come out of nowhere and no one can help or hear you, because you are in space. Horrifying to say the least; background score is pretty troubling too, do not play in the dark and be strong!


brain image012 Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games


This game is infested with mythical Nazi history. You start as a prisoner in a seemingly escapable and easy going prison with adaptations from the original game, and then you come across someone trying to open a portal and start encountering undead creatures and skeletons. Limited ammo, scary undead creatures with excellent sound effects makes this game difficult to catch hold off; especially interacting with so many different kinds of demons, fire spitting ghosts and normal infantry. This game is difficult just because of the sheer volume of chaos and surprises. I personally completed this game using the GOD mode.


brain image014 Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games


If there was ever a game which made the gamer bang his keyboard for not keeping a strategy in mind, it was MGS. The evergreen Snake comes to life for the first time and gets caught in the first level itself because of footprints on the snow. Every move has to be carefully maneuvered and strategized and thank god for the radar. This extreme stealth game is not to be played in the hard difficulty mode just for the completion sake. One of the best games ever and also a trend setter.

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