2012 Year in Review: illGaming’s Top 10 Video Games

2012 best year 2012 Year in Review: illGamings Top 10 Video Games

For a calender year, 2012 was a Massive Year for Video Gaming

The year 2012 saw the releases of many massive titles accompanied by ground breaking changes in the way people play games.The trend-shift towards social free-to-play games is pretty obvious now. And so is the immense popularity of unforgiving games in the likes of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. Agent 47 reappeared after a long hiatus with Hitman: Absolution. Assassin’s Creed III, the World’s Biggest Game, considering the huge team working on it was a major 2012 headline. The record-breaking Halo series also made a return with Halo 4.

Then we also saw how Steam revolutionized PC Gaming and how Steam’s popularity has given rise to independent small-budget titles such as Hotline: Miami, Mark of the Ninja. We saw games exploring human emotion deeply, such as The Walking Dead Episodes.

All in all, 2012 was a massive gaming year, and in retrospective, its a tribute to the now maturing gaming industry, with a reach as massive as ever. Game sales have skyrocketed and are giving big Hollywood titles are run for their money when it comes to First week sales.

illGaming celebrates 2012 as a Gaming Year, and we compile a list of Top 10 Games, in no particular order, that were highlights of the now gone Twenty Twelve. This list was zeroed down by the team of illGaming Editors, each naming their Top 10 games of 2012, and then shortlisting the game with the maximum votes.

You can browse the Top 10 games by simply clicking the next page number below. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

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