20 Things You Didn’t Know About PlayStation 4

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Post E3 we know a lot about the PlayStation 4; the price, the amazing shape of the console, but there’s still plenty of harder to catch facts that have eluded common knowledge. So in this post, we’ll be telling you 20 things you didn’t know about the PlayStation 4.

1. PlayStation Dynamic Menups4 menu 300x148 20 Things You Didnt Know About PlayStation 4
The new interface in the PlayStation 4 is called the Dynamic Menu and this will replace PS3’s XMB menu. The Dynamic Menu brings together the console’s social features like video sharing, messaging and more with the game you’re currently playing and might want to play next. What more, it’s damn pretty.

2. Replaceable Hard drive
The PlayStation 4 comes with a pre-installed 500 GB hard disk drive, just like the PS3. And this hard drive, unlike fragile human flesh can be replaced and/or upgraded.

3. Log in to other PS4 machines
Gamers can log on to any PS4 console and access all their games from that machine, plus the games on the home account of that machine. This means, if you taking a summer trip to your cousins’, who’s tastes are more FPSish compared to your RPG addiction, you can log in with your credentials and play your games right on that machine. Access ends when you sign out, or in the occurrence of an extinction event. Although that’ll probably sign you out automatically.

4. PlayStation 4 Home Machine
You can nominate one PlayStation 4 console as your home machine. Your games, apps and other content is always available on that device, even to other users. That includes PlayStation Plus membership. In other words, your content is linked to one PS4 system and your SEN account.

5. The PlayStation 4 is the first PlayStation to come packaged with an HDMI cable!!

6. The PlayStation 4 is not region locked
Seriously, being region locked was a pain in the you know what. Well, that so called feature is history!

7. 3D Camera
The PlayStation 4 camera can shoot photos and videos in 3D; and in very impressive quality.ps4 new playstation 4 console camera 02 300x150 20 Things You Didnt Know About PlayStation 4

8. Four microphones
The PlayStation 4 camera has four microphones for accurate sound detection and source origination, which is a real term.

9. Multi-tasking
The PlayStation 4 allows you to switch instantly between playing games and other apps through the Dynamic Menu. For those with an, what do you say, short attention span.

10. Video Unlimited
For the first time, the PlayStation 4 will be able to watch videos and stream full movies through its app.

11. The touchpad on the DualShock 4 is also a press-able button!dualshock4 300x200 20 Things You Didnt Know About PlayStation 4

12. Instant footage grabbing
The PlayStation 4 has Always On compression and decompression systems, which constantly process the last few minutes of your gameplay, so you can share them instantly. It also uploads them in social networks in the background while you’re playing, or making a sandwich.

13. Suspend/resume modes
The PS4 features suspend mode, because waiting for things, sucks. This means you can instantly switch back into your game and exactly start where you left off. No more missed trains. And no more lying around food you just ordered!

14. Background updates and downloads
The PlayStation 4 can update and download games in the background, and even during Suspend mode. The machine keeps working even when asleep. Like our defeated slave descendants of humanity’s dark robotic future!

15. PlayStation App3689061 300x188 20 Things You Didnt Know About PlayStation 4
The PS App is a software for iOS and Android that will be launched around the time the console is launched. You can use your mobile/tablet as a second screen for the console. I tested this feature in The Crew during E3. The iPad was being used to see the world map, while the game was being played on the TV screen. You can shop on the PS Store for games and other content and can download them directly into your console. Whats more, you can watch your friends play online!

16. PlayStation 4 has cross-game chat!

17. GAIKAI cloud streaming
The PlayStation 4’s use of GAIKAI streaming will give gamers immediate access to a catalogue of the best PS3 games. We’ll eventually have more legacy titles available through the service.

18. PS Plus Membership
Existing PlayStation Plus memberships will be transferred straight to the PlayStation 4. What that means is, you’ll be paying the same and getting more. A new PS4 game will be added to the service every month on top the existing PS3 and PS Vita titles in the instant games collection.

19. Sony Pictures Entertainment
Hollywood giant Sony Pictures Entertainment is working on new original programming and unique access to entertainment content on PlayStation 4

20. There are more the 140 games currently in development for PlayStation 4!!
Someone, somewhere is working on them right now, ssshh listen. Actually they’re too far away, but its totally happening.

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